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May 8, 2009 11:49 AM

what to order at Bazaar?

Thanks to all the great Bazaar threads I've read here, I've decided to splurge and celebrate my 10th anniversary there!

So give me the real scoop - what should we order, and what should we avoid? We REALLY want to be dazzled!


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  1. I LOVED the foie gras buns. LOVED.
    My friend loved the foie gras cotton candy but I preferred the buns.

    I didn't like the white gaspacho at all (it was like a flavorless jell-o of sorts...)

    The "caprese" salad was delicious too.
    And I enjoyed the "philly cheesesteak" although it was a joke how small/$$$ it was!
    Can't really remember what else we had! I wasn't impressed with the desserts either though...

    1. There have been plenty of reviews on CH for the Bazaar. You might want to check out the reviews done by lotta_cox, aquaW, grubtrotters, SDGourmand, and kevin_h (kevin_h went to Saam, too, and did another great review with pictures). I believe that all of the aforementioned reviews were pretty detailed, so they would be great resouces for you.

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        1. The only dish I didn't enjoy was the paella pasta dish (can't remember proper name) and my sister didn't like the dirty martini (which is usually her cocktail of choice). Everything else was tasty.

          There were a few standouts: (1) The watermelon tomato skewer (simple and cool combo of flavors); (2) philly cheesesteak; (3) little crab sandwiches; (4) cheese plate (admittedly, hard to mess up); and (5) the uni in a can.

          1. (1) if you've never had anything spherified before, then it's worth trying the olive plate, which has both traditional olives and spherified olives.

            (2) one of the dishes came with a lobster capuccino which was packed with lobster flavor.

            (3) ordering something off of one of the carts is a fun experience--either the nitro cart or the foie gras cotton candy cart. tableside serive with a little twist.