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May 8, 2009 11:36 AM

Weekday Graduation Lunch

So I'm graduating on a Wednesday night and to avoid having to rush through dinner, we are going to a celebratory lunch. I have been waiting for this for three years and want to go someplace really special. I've heard about the Fountain and XIX but never been. I've also been wanting to try Amada forever. But I feel like Amada for lunch is something I could do on my own (not with parents treating if you know what I mean). Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. XIX and the Fountain are wonderful. So is LaCroix, but have you considered LeBec Fin? Lunch is $35 or $55 plus alcohol and it is not scary pretentious (in fact it wasn't before G.P. turned in his stars and went slightly more casual)

    1. XIX is a beautiful restaurant, the food is excellent, and is a perfect place for celebrating a special occasion. It would be a great choice!

      The Fountain is also excellent, of course, but does not have as nice an atmosphere, IMO.