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May 8, 2009 11:20 AM

50th birthday dinner

We'll be coming back up to New York next weekend to celebrate my wife's 50th birthday. we would like someplace special, hopefully romantic. Not interested in places for tourists or that do not live up to their reputation. Budget about $150-$250. Pretty wide open as far as cuisine but probably not Asian for this meal since we'll be doing that a few nights before. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Is that $150-$250 budget per person or for both of you? Is it for food only, or must it include drinks, tax and tip? Also, what exactly about a restaurant's space makes it feel "romantic" to you and your wife?

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      Good questions. The budget is for food, tax and tip, not including wine. By romantic I would say some space between the tables so we can have a private conversation. Not sitting elbow to elbow with the people around us. Thanks.

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        With those specifics in mind, I highly recommend Chanterelle, which I think is a wonderful place to celebrate an occasion as special as your wife's 50th. The French cuisine is superb, service is very cordial and attentive, the room has understated elegance, and tables are *very* widely-spaced. We like Table 5, but there really are no bad tables. If you do go, be sure to order Chef/owner David Waltuck's signature seafood sausage. To die for! Since this is for next weekend, I suggest you call to reserve asap.

        Happy Birthday to your wife and Bon Appetit!

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            I second Chanterelle. Perfect for this type of ocassion. I've had my last few birthdays there!

      2. Little Owl is amazingly cozy and one of the most romantic restuarants in NYC - it's on one of the prettiest blocks in the West Village.

        The Four Seasons Restaurant (not to be confused with the hotel) is some of the most delicious meals I've eaten.

        The Modern inside the MOMA is minimalist, sleek decor with delicious food.

        The Waverly Inn is where hi-profile celebs go to dine in gorgeous plush banquettes when they're trying to be seen but are pretending not to.

        One if by Land Two if by Sea is still one of the most romantic restaurants in nyc.

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          OIBL may have romantic ambiance, but the food sucks!

        2. I've enjoyed celebrating several memorable birthdays at Beacon. ;)