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May 8, 2009 11:13 AM

Can you help us out?

My wife and I will be in Pittsburgh for four days in early June. Can you provide us with several suggestions as to where to eat? We are open to just about anything and we are willing to try local favorites. Thank you.

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  1. My chowspouse travels to Pittaburgh frequently and now regularly goes to Legume. Locally sourced ingredients (they actually encourage local minifarmers to contact them on their web site) and a great young couple!

    1. If you can, try to visit the Strip District which is filled with produce hawkers, speciality food markets and several good restaurants. I would recommend Kaya, or for "finer dining" Eleven. If you are there for lunch try Primanti's (not fine dining!). I'd only go to the Strip District location!

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        Haven't been but would love to try Primanti's. Its on so many travel channel food shows. Coleslaw tomato and fries on the sandwich.