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May 8, 2009 11:06 AM

worchestershire sauce replacement

I'm making Steak tartare tonight - but forgot to buy worchestershire sauce. Is there anything I could use in its place?

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  1. depends how well-stocked your pantry is.

    anchovy paste or fish sauce + tamarind paste + soy sauce + a dash each of cinnamon & clove = basic Worcestershire.

    1. Tonkatsu sauce is pretty similar if you don't mind the sweetness and have a bottle around. I'm kind of fond of A1 sauce too, though I have not had it for years (wife's allergic to tomatoes)

      1. A little dash of wine vinegar and a pinch of sugar?

        1. I would make it with your usual recipe and then taste it and see what its missing. Without worshchestershire sauce, it will probably taste a little flat, which you could fix with soy, or lemon and salt, or something else that is salty and savory, like anchovy paste.

          1. Make a syrup of brown sugar and water over low heat, stir in a little vinegar, garlic and soy sauce to taste, add a pinch of salt. Adjust for individual taste preference(s) and enjoy. You could ad a little anchovie paste if you like but it wouldn't be a requirement. Filter it through a piece of cheese cloth or at least a fine wire strainer before serving.