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worchestershire sauce replacement

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I'm making Steak tartare tonight - but forgot to buy worchestershire sauce. Is there anything I could use in its place?

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  1. hmmm...it depends how well-stocked your pantry is.

    anchovy paste or fish sauce + tamarind paste + soy sauce + a dash each of cinnamon & clove = basic Worcestershire.

    1. Tonkatsu sauce is pretty similar if you don't mind the sweetness and have a bottle around. I'm kind of fond of A1 sauce too, though I have not had it for years (wife's allergic to tomatoes)

      1. A little dash of wine vinegar and a pinch of sugar?

        1. I would make it with your usual recipe and then taste it and see what its missing. Without worshchestershire sauce, it will probably taste a little flat, which you could fix with soy, or lemon and salt, or something else that is salty and savory, like anchovy paste.

          1. Make a syrup of brown sugar and water over low heat, stir in a little vinegar, garlic and soy sauce to taste, add a pinch of salt. Adjust for individual taste preference(s) and enjoy. You could ad a little anchovie paste if you like but it wouldn't be a requirement. Filter it through a piece of cheese cloth or at least a fine wire strainer before serving.

            1. I have used Tamari when I was out of Wooster

                1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                  A good balsamic vinegar would work here.

                2. Go Korean with it.
                  Yuk Hoe (Seasoned Raw Beef)

                  Yuk Hoe may have originally been served in the Joseon Royal Court using ox or horse meat instead of beef.

                  Servings: 4


                  1 pound tender beef (Your favorite cut)

                  1 each Bae (Nashi or Asian) pear

                  4 each egg yolk

                  3 tablespoons pine nuts

                  3 each green or spring onion

                  Pear Wash

                  1 cup water

                  1 tablespoon salt

                  Seasoning Mixture

                  2 tablespoons soy sauce

                  2 teaspoons rice wine

                  2 teaspoons sugar

                  5 cloves fresh garlic

                  2 1/2 teaspoonstoasted sesame seeds

                  1 tablespoon sesame oil

                  1/2 teaspoon freshly-ground black pepper




                  Partially freeze the beef to aid in cutting.

                  Slice the beef in roughly 1/8 inch thick slices.

                  Cut each slice into about 1/8 inch thick by 1 1/2 inch long strips.

                  Green Onion

                  Trim root and rinse in cold water.

                  Cut green stalks from the onions and sliver from top to bottom.

                  Fine chop the white portion.

                  Pine Nuts

                  Fine chop the pine nuts.

                  Bae (Nashi) Pear

                  Peel and quarter the pear from top to bottom, removing the seed core.

                  Slice very thin, rinse in the pear wash, and drain.

                  Garlic cloves

                  Mince or press the garlic.

                  Final Mix

                  Mix seasoning ingredients together in a bowl.

                  Add beef and green onion and mix well.

                  Divide into 4 portions and place in a mound on serving plates.

                  Make a small depression in the center of each beef mound and place one egg yolk.

                  Place slices of pear on each serving plate next to the beef.

                  Serve with white rice and ban chan.