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May 8, 2009 10:48 AM

stainless steel prep bowls

I have looked in alot of places but cannot find stainless steel prep bowls.
I prefer ones with a flat bottom.. want to have all the same size as opposed to mixing bowls.. any recommendations?

I actually envying my cat's food dish so maybe I want to get more of these for my kitchen use, if I can't still find suitable ones..

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  1. Sur la Table has a wide selection of stainless bowls with flat bottoms. They're sold individually, as opposed to in sets, so you can get all the same size.

    1. I picked some up from County Restaurant Supplies in San Carlos. Flat bottomed, good range of sizes.

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        A restaurant supply house or your local Ace Hardware

      2. Definitely go to your local restaurant supply store. They will have steel bowls in any size you imagine.

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          I love restaurant supply stores. You can get good buys on basic kitchen tools as well as specialty items that cost many times more in mall cookware stores.


          Everything for the kitchen you'll ever want.... I recommend them highly.

          P.S. The link may say "mixing bowls" but I assure you they are :
          "5 Oz Condiment Cups & Prep Bowls, Set of 6
          Just scroll down a bit

          1. My restaurant super-supply store has them in every size imaginable, including several perfect for prep/mise en place. I really need to ditch my glass and Pyrex ones and buy two big sets. I'm tired of breakable stuff in the kitchen -- and I'm a klutz.

            I have a 3-quart stainless one and a cheapo plastic one of the same size with a handle. I use them absolutely constantly, because I'm never afraid of smashing them to pieces.