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May 8, 2009 10:43 AM

Food Blogs: What's good?

I used to read Eater and Grub Street quite a bit, but after going away for a while I've come back looking for daily food updates and...well, what are these sites about anymore? Eater seems to consist entirely of food gossip that no one cares about (a particular low: their outrage over the New York Times posting the James Beard Award winners at 9pm - who cares?) or they take their news from other sites. The one feature I like is "Who Eats There?" about old school restaurants in the city that are inexplicably still serving customers, but most of the site is a self-referential death spiral of food bloggers writing about other food bloggers.

Grub Street at least covers food a bit more but, far more than Eater, they mostly seem to be a link aggregator, collecting and posting links from other sites. Today alone they link to The Villager (via Eater), amNY and Copyranter and it's not even 2pm.

So what are people reading these days on a daily basis? I like Serious Eats a fair amount (just started reading it) and David Lebovitz's blog, and there's one or two restaurant blogs I read, but they don't have much staying power.

So what do you think is an essential food blog? I'm looking for daily updates and news or writing about food with a bit of gossip thrown in, not gossip with a bit of food sprinkled over the top.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not sure if this one is applicable to "food with a bit of gossip," but my current favorite is French Revolution Food:
    This girl is incredibly talented! Enjoy...

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      Along these lines, for the whole blog experience, ... she has a food section, it's basic but looks tasty ... does terrific photography and the whole site is fascinating. A real talent there.

      (I'm not saying this is the best food blog ever, rather a talented blogger who has a food section.)

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        Wow, her pictures are great, indeed. I wonder what kind of camera she uses.

    2. I like "So Good", and a related site "A Hamburger Today". Not as wide ranging as CH, but the mods aren't on power trips either.

      1. there are 95 replies to this query asking about the best food blogs, you might find one of interest to you:

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          I looked at it before and noticed the post was from 2006 and food blogs are incredibly short-lived. But scrolling down more I see replies from 2009, which I hadn't noticed before. Thanks!

        2. for the type of food news you're looking for. is also good.

          I have a whole slew of recs for more recipe focused blogs, but that doesn't really seem to be what you're looking for.


          1. is a potluck of food bloggers in one spot. I often revisit the site to cultivate new recipes and in the process learn about a host of new food bloggers.