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May 8, 2009 09:49 AM

A good Charcoal Grill?

My smoker is lonely. I want a grill. I was thinking of a weber One Touch or similar.

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  1. I'm sure you will get a lot of rec's for Kamado-style cookers (like the Big Green Egg) and for the truly huge, but for the money, the Weber is about as good as it gets. Basically the choice is whether to get the Silver One-Touch for around $100, or spend $200 more for the Performer which has all the bells and whistles.

    1. There are hundreds (thousands?) of existing threads on this subject. Since it appears that you don't want to search through them, the short answer is:

      Or, if you're feeling flush and/or lazy.

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        A buddy was just doing this search, thinking in terms of grill/smoker b/c his Weber had corroded in a bunch of places and wasn't as functional any more. He ended up thinking he'd get a dedicated smoker and repair the Weber as best he could. One phone call to Weber later, and his 7-year-old One Touch has beaucoups new *free* parts on the way. (10 year warranty)

      2. I stick with the One Touch Silver 18.5". It's tough, familiar and never gets in the way of cooking. Basic but dependable.

        1. I'd go with the Weber one touch. My parents have had their Weber kettle for ~30 years and it still works great. I made Mother's Day dinner on it yesterday.

          1. Since you have a smoker, I think I'd agree with the ol' "Shadow Warrior" (Kagemusha, of course!) and go with the one-touch 18.5" model. Bigger is usually better, but in your case, you won't really need the higher capacity of a larger Weber kettle (you'd probably use the smoker), and the smaller Silver will provide as much grilling space as you might want.

            I have a 22.5" Silver One-Touch and an offset smoker and find they're a good set. I use the smoker when I'm cooking low and slow, and the Weber when I want to grill. Having said that, I don't generally use all the space of the grill, so the smaller one would work just fine for me.

            OTOH, if you're grilling for a crowd on regular basis, go for the Weber Ranch Kettle!

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            1. re: ricepad

              The Ranch Kettle is a beautiful piece of work, but if I hadn't gotten one as a graduation gift, I don't think I could ever spend $1,000 on a charcoal grill.

              1. Your best bet with the Ranch Kettle is to order it online. I think my parents ordered mine from Amazon, but there are several sites to order from.

                1. Try any of the dealers on Ventura Bl. It's a special order item and will take at least 4 weeks for delivery.

                  The new 26" in quite a nice grill if you haven't looked at it. It's on our floor right now.