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May 8, 2009 09:12 AM

Foodie Options in The Woodlands

Hi there,

Coming down to visit a friend in the Houston Area over Memorial Day weekend.

Looking to take him out for one great meal sometime that weekend as a thank you for hosting me. Thinking either Brunch or Dinner.

What options can you give me? We are open to any cuisine.


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  1. My suggestion is to drive into Houston. Americas is open on the Woodlands Waterway, but it is still receiving ho-hum reviews. I have eaten there a few times, and it's been okay - but you're much better off finding something in the city of Houston if you're looking for a true 'foodie' experience. The Woodlands is full of chain restaurants - and not very good ones, at that.

    Recent review of Americas:

    I have two young children - so I do not have the luxury to eat out at nicer places as much as I used to...but I really liked Reef, when I ate there last - it's a beautiful space, and has a very attentive, yet not intrusive staff.


    1. I'm not very familiar with the Woodlands, but we went and spent the weekend last year and I asked around and got some good responses, but I was looking for some pretty specific types of food this thread might help, or not:
      One of the places I was interested in was the Olive Oil restaurant which is a greek restaurant, No one responded but then I saw a review on this blog about the place, and this person must live around there so there are more reviews about restaurants in that area:

      The Woodlands has a lot of good food, as does Houston. Have a good time.

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        Consider Jasper's (in the Town Center)

        or Amerigo's.

        I've not visited Americas there, but I ate at their Houston/Galleria location this past week, and it was fantastic.

        Also, consider a visit to Hubbell & Hudson ( -- they have a Bistro-type restaurant where I had a very pleasant lunch recently.

      2. I visit a relative that lives in The Woodlands and we always eat at Jasper's which is very good. it is located in the Town Square.

        1. I'll second the rec for Jasper's so that you don't have to drive all the way in to Houston. The Town Square area is really nice (for The Woodlands) and y'all can have a nice time spending the afternoon there. You could also try Cru, the little wine bar there, which does good flights and has unexpectedly good food.