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May 8, 2009 09:04 AM

mediocre cupcakeries

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned bakery, where everything was delicious?
Can we get back to that? Los Angeles is sorely lacking in this area.
Yesterday I tried the new Buttercake Bakery at Sunset Plaza. Truly mediocre.
Cupcakes were dry with too sugery frosting. Chocolate chip cookie was flavorless.
Sadly Buttercake is just the latest of disappointing tastings in a long line of "bakeries" that I have tried.
I think I'll start avoiding bakeries that primarily feature cupcakes. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm with you there! I am so done with these "specialty" bakeries. $3 for a cupcake. People are out of their minds and the cupcakes are NOTHING special at all!

      When I had my first apartment in North Park (San Diego), there was a family owned bakery right across the street. Hmmm loved walking over there early in the morning for chocolate glazed raised donuts and fresh baked whole wheat bread. This was the kind of bakery where they would start working at 2-3:00 in the morning so everything was fresh and warm when they opened.

      These specialty bakeries are run by people who have no passion for the real thing and just want to jump on the bandwagon and hope to make a fortune. They need to get a grip on reality.

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        "These specialty bakeries are run by people who have no passion for the real thing and just want to jump on the bandwagon and hope to make a fortune. They need to get a grip on reality".

        Well, while I will say the cupcakes of Sprinkles on Little Santa Monica are certainly overpriced and mediocre at best (just my opinion) the owners have already made their fortune, judging on the lines that begin at opening and don't stop all day, and they most certainly seem to have a 'grip on reality'. There was/is a demand and they're smart enough and creative enough to have figured out what it is.

      2. Got some tasty cupcakes last weekend at Cakery Bakery in La Canada. $1.50, they only had white orchocolate with sprinkles, perfect for a kids party, and cheap. They were old-school cupcakes, nothing fancy, but the cake was moist and delicious. Porto's cupcakes are $1.50, too. They have red velvet, chocolate and vanilla and are good-sized.

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        1. re: jillso

          Thanks I'll check out Helena Mirth and the Cakery Bakery.
          My sweet tooth will not be discouraged by mediocrity!

        2. Don't know if anyone has tried Lark in Silverlake, but I recently had a slice of red velvet from there, and WOW!!! THAT is what red velvet should taste like, IMHO. Dark, mahogany colored cake (as opposed to bright un-natural red), with the cream cheese frosting tasting like..wait for it...CREAM CHEESE!!! (Not super-sweet sugary icing like other places) Can't wait to go there and try some other stuff!

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          1. re: schrutefarms

            You should try their icebox cupcake. MMMMM. Good stuff.

          2. I picked up a few cupcakes and bite size cheesecakes at Nola Ice in Sherman Oaks. the baked goods are from Se la Vi Sweets. let me tell you...these lil goodies are to dye for! I got 3 flavors of the bite size cheesecakes: key lime, pumpkin and white choc chip... we couldn't stop eating them...I also bought 2 lemon raspberry baby cakes and 2 dulce de leche baby cakes...they're one of the best I've had.

            btw, their shaved ice is amazing! so refreshing and sooo darn good.
            the owners are super nice and friendly. definitely a worthy visit!