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May 8, 2009 08:57 AM

Nice affordable lunch downtown?


A friend of mine is visiting from out of town and I'm meeting her for lunch. I don't want her to know how miserable my downtown office life is (skyways, stores selling dusty umbrellas, the unrelenting sun). Can someone recommend a nice affordable lunch spot downtown that makes LA seem reasonably cosmopolitan?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You should do some exploring. Downtown might seem even more than 'reasonably cosmpolitan'.
      Some suggestions
      Nickel Diner is a good start
      Church and State
      Any of those Little Tokyo Suggestions
      The Grand Central Market
      Bottega Louie (actually not sure if it's open for lunch)

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      1. re: JPomer

        Bottega Louie is open for lunch.

      2. bottega louie and drago centro (bottega is more affordable, drago has better food overall). the atmosphere and vibe of these locations def fit your "cosmopolitan" profile.

        1. "Cosmopolitan" and "affordable" are very subjective terms, but in addition to the other suggestions (Bottega Louie being the best of them, IMHO, for what you seem to be seeking), I would add Wood Spoon and Blossom for very casual and inexpensive, and Drago Centro and Cafe Pinot for fancier and more expensive.

          I live in Downtown and love it - it's sad to me that you're miserable! I think there's so much good stuff to be had here!

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          1. re: aching

            aching- plz do share your secrets!! i work in downtown and am always thinking how it's so lacking in the food area... which is why when bottega was a godsend for me since i work 3 blocks down and it's pretty much one of the very few decent places (IMO of course) downtown considering i don't even like alot of the food there!! doU have any suggestions for another lost soul?? perhaps u have some fav places that i haven't tried yet?? :)

          2. I would also check out Tiara Cafe. Good food, affordable, cool vide, nice space. It almost makes you feel like your eating at some cafe in NY.