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daytrip from calgary?


i have the itch to head out on a mini-roadtrip this weekend and am looking for suggestions for places to eat. we've often done the loop south heading to longview and stopping at marv's in black diamond or the chuckwagon cafe in turner valley... which we may end up doing again... what are we missing?



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  1. Route 40 Soup Company! And a new burger for you to try out- their turkey burger on ciabatta is KILLER!

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        My parents love heading out to Route 40. Good call John.

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          I couldn't agree more! It's a brilliant stop! fabulous stuffed ravioli too! Just be careful you are not too hungry when you arrive.. as you may need to stand around the door way for up to an hour watching everyone at the 8 or so tables enjoy there delicious meals!

        2. Has anyone been to the MacKay Place out by Millarville yet?

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            not yet but it is on my working list of places to visit for my FFWD columns... i've heard good things!

          2. +1 for Route 40.

            Also, the Bavarian Inn in Bragg Creek has been great every time we have headed out there.

            If you wanted to head to Okotoks, I have heard great things about Best of New Orleans

            1. If you're stopping at the Chuckwagon, try one of the steaks. Terry, the owner, is rancher as well and all the beef on the menu is from his ranch. He also sells frozen roasts.

              Try the Flat Iron Eggs Benedict. Very thin slices of medium rare steak on english muffin, with the poached eggs and hollaindaise sauce. Sounds weird, but excellent.

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                I was at the Chuckwagon yesterday, and I have to disagree about the eggs benedict. I couldn't taste the steak and eggs over the half-litre of sweet, eggy, congealed hollandaise sauce. It was served over croissants instead of english muffins, which made the fatty sauce even harder to handle. *shudder*

                But for what it's worth, my wife liked the huevos rancheros.

              2. Field BC would be my choice, 20 mins past Lake Louise, and Truffle Pigs Bistro... can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Located in the Kickinghorse Lodge at the west end of town. http://www.trufflepigs.com/

                1. i like the Black Cat Restaurant in Longview. The homemade spaezel is reason enough to go!!! a real gem... :)

                  1. ever try drumheller? there is a Greek place across from the big t rex that used to be really good .if it wasn't on the menu they would cook it up for you anyway(i felt like the godfather) the dolmades and lamb were very tasty,besides drum is a kick ass day trip to begin with

                    1. I realize this post is older but I thought I would add our observations from this past weekend for those searching for info on restaurants on the Cowboy Trail. We ate at Route 40 on Friday night and Marv's in Black Diamond on Sunday afternoon. Route 40 was decent food. We had the pork shoulder with ravioli, the shepard's pie and a chicken and bacon wrap. All the dishes were fine but none were outstanding. The restaurant had a steady stream of business on Friday night but certainly wasn't packed full and there was no waiting to get in. On the other hand, Marv's on Sunday was an amazing find! We went with a group on our return trip to the city. The atmosphere is quaint, the food was fantastic and the prices were very fair. I had the Judy Jetson (chicken strips on a bun) and my husband had a burger. Both were great as were the fries, onion rings and ice cream soda we shared. Marv even came out in his ice cream parlor outfit and played his guitar for the crowd. This place was certainly busy and it was a fun end to a backcountry weekend.

                      1. My favourite road trip venues:

                        - Wild Horse Bistro in Black Diamond

                        - McKay Place in Millerville is a real brunch find. The food and service here is second to none. Home baked mini muffins with chocolate butter (need I say more?). They are also really good with children. (bring your own booster seat - I don' t think they have high chairs) but they love kids and are really good with them! One they even walked with my baby while my husband and I finished our breakfast.

                        - Marv's is super fun too for an afternoon pitstop. Have a malt - did you know they make them the old fashioned way? And if you ask Marv to sing, he will sing an Elvis tune for you!

                        - The blackdiamond bakery is great also. A real gem.

                        - I think route 40 is overrated (I don't really like their soup - it's too rustic for my taste. Stinging Nettle soup tastes like it sounds it would taste).

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                          I have to say that the soup at route 40 is among the weaker things in the menu- road chips are to die for though. Also, a fantastic burger! And their pastas are amazing.

                        2. make a day of it, lunch at crazyweed in canmore(thoroughly enjoyable and superb)if a bit unpredictable), dinner at truffle pigs in field!

                          1. There's a good place in Nanton, but I forget what it's called. Wild Rose or something like that. It's on the side of the highway that heads towards Calgary.

                            McKay place...wow, I got ripped off. Our experience there sucked, and did not involve mini muffins or chocolate butter. This makes me sad...

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                              Wild Rose, perhaps you mean Wild Thyme Cafe in Nanton?

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                                Do not eat the lasagna, it tastes like it comes straight out of a cardboard box. But the place is charming.

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                                I guess the last post on Wild Thyme in Nanton was a year and half ago but decided to stop by, as I'd driven past so many times. It's horribly overpriced and oh so ORDINARY! I got the turkey sandwich and homemade cream of mushroom soup ($13). Deli turkey 'loaf', store bought factory made bread and iceberg lettuce. The mushroom soup had more flour lumps than had mushrooms. SO had the lasagna. As noted by another chowhounder, "cardboard" was being nice, and had not even a tablespoon of ground meat ($13). It's a great location and quaint resto but the food is absolutely not worth it. Don't bother.

                              3. Route 40 was one of my favorite places both in and out of Calgary, their food has always been amazing... but it has unfortunately recently closed while the owners focus on selling their soups at local markets.