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May 8, 2009 08:49 AM

daytrip from calgary?


i have the itch to head out on a mini-roadtrip this weekend and am looking for suggestions for places to eat. we've often done the loop south heading to longview and stopping at marv's in black diamond or the chuckwagon cafe in turner valley... which we may end up doing again... what are we missing?



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  1. Route 40 Soup Company! And a new burger for you to try out- their turkey burger on ciabatta is KILLER!

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      1. re: John Manzo

        My parents love heading out to Route 40. Good call John.

        1. re: John Manzo

          I couldn't agree more! It's a brilliant stop! fabulous stuffed ravioli too! Just be careful you are not too hungry when you arrive.. as you may need to stand around the door way for up to an hour watching everyone at the 8 or so tables enjoy there delicious meals!

        2. Has anyone been to the MacKay Place out by Millarville yet?

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          1. re: Bananna85

            not yet but it is on my working list of places to visit for my FFWD columns... i've heard good things!

          2. +1 for Route 40.

            Also, the Bavarian Inn in Bragg Creek has been great every time we have headed out there.

            If you wanted to head to Okotoks, I have heard great things about Best of New Orleans

            1. If you're stopping at the Chuckwagon, try one of the steaks. Terry, the owner, is rancher as well and all the beef on the menu is from his ranch. He also sells frozen roasts.

              Try the Flat Iron Eggs Benedict. Very thin slices of medium rare steak on english muffin, with the poached eggs and hollaindaise sauce. Sounds weird, but excellent.

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              1. re: sweeterpea

                I was at the Chuckwagon yesterday, and I have to disagree about the eggs benedict. I couldn't taste the steak and eggs over the half-litre of sweet, eggy, congealed hollandaise sauce. It was served over croissants instead of english muffins, which made the fatty sauce even harder to handle. *shudder*

                But for what it's worth, my wife liked the huevos rancheros.

              2. Field BC would be my choice, 20 mins past Lake Louise, and Truffle Pigs Bistro... can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Located in the Kickinghorse Lodge at the west end of town.