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May 8, 2009 08:32 AM

Savannah - where should I go for?

Where's the best place in Savannah for:
1) Hush Puppies
2) shrimp and grits with Tasso ham

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  1. Hi, Jody. I suspect the tasso specificity has folks not responding as they normally would. For me - and probably for most people around here, whether or not folks use tasso in their shrimp grits is not an over-riding consideration. We 'uns never heard of tasso before Chef Paul's and Justin Wilson's cooking shows on PBS, and then we had no way to get it other than to bring some back from NOLA in a little cooler. Elizabeth on 37th, for instance, uses a country ham and red-eye gravy for their version of this low-country masterpiece; it's typically available as an appetizer there. If you're ever in the position where you're asked what you'd like for your last meal, you could do worse than to start it off with E37 shrimp grits.

    That having been said, I do know that Alligator Soul uses tasso in their shrimp grits and it's pretty darned good. I've enjoyed everything I've ever had there. Now I'm not clear whether that's the best tasso shrimp grits in Savannah or not, but unless someone chimes in, you may want to try their's. They push a Louisiana-inspired kind of cuisine anyway, so speaking tasso comes naturally to 'em.

    I've tried to think about quality hush puppies. I seem to recall eating the ones at AJ's on Tybee Island (we call it Savannah Beach when we wanna honk off the locals down there, LOL!), but honestly, for most folks down here, hush puppies are an after-thought. If I told you that AJ's has the best you've ever eaten and you went down to AJs and thought to yourself, well, there's nothing special about these, you'd still remember me in your prayers for getting you to go to AJs.

    I realize this is of marginal use. It would be interesting if you would report back on what you find.

    1. The Oyster Bar on Wilmington Island and Pearl's Saltwater Grill (same ownership) bring a basket of delicious hush puppies with honey butter to the table as a starter. I've seen people eat so many they couldn't appreciate their entree!