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May 8, 2009 08:22 AM

Anyone tried Trinacria?

I've always head top shelf meals & service there. (202 & 73 in Montco) The house-made gnocci's of the day are to die for. The wine list is amazing & the owner makes perfect recommendations for pairings. Surprised I haven't heard anything about it on this site...

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  1. Always wondered about that place. Been by it a zillion times but it never comes to mind when thinking about dinner. Do they serve lunch and how are the prices?

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    1. re: Den

      I know what you mean, it doesn't reach out & grab you from the road. Prices are on the high side, but worth it. We treat it as a special occasion kind of place. THey do serve lunch & pricing is lower of course, so you might want to try it that way.

      1. re: Den

        We have been there twice for lunch but not recently. It was not crowded either time. The food was very good. Definitely recommend it.

        1. re: Den

          Stranger still, I was there several years ago, LOVED it and have never been back.

          Now, it is a bit expensive and going out for a dinner in that price range at such a ho hum location is a little weird. i guess that I usually go downtown if I am going to spend a couple hundred dollars on dinner. OTOH it is so much better than Coleman at Normandy and I have actually been there several times, because friends have wanted to go. I guess it does come down to the location and particularly the parking out front, that is off-putting.

          At any rate, the food is very well prepared but a bit old fashioned. I think that can be quite nice but perhaps the old school menu is another reason that it is not a 'hot stop'. That said be sure to make a reservation because they certain fill the house albeit small.

          At any rate, give it a try. They do serve lunch entrees are around $15 and they have some really nice salads.

          1. re: Kater

            My experience exactly, Kater. I was there... hmmm.... eight years ago with four friends and the tab (with two bottles of Amarone) was $400+. Sole prepared tableside, perfect vegetables and a wonderful tart for dessert. Food was excellent but didn't draw me back. Sticker shock, maybe? I also remember it being cramped and oxygen deficient. That can really turn me off.


            1. re: Chefpaulo

              Chefpaulo, you may have been there before the expansion/remodeling. They put another whole room out the back. Not surprised you hit the $400 mark with 2 bottles of Amarone. That's the place that got me hooked on that varietal. Hmmm better pay and enjoy, or save and miss such a great wine? That is the question...

              1. re: truffles2

                Many thanks for the update. I'm sure the expansion has helped the air flow. I just remember perspiring before the Amarone was opened which, for me, is a sure sign of excess C02.

                I'll give it another try.