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May 8, 2009 08:14 AM

Does anyone else prefer green Tabasco to red?

Yes, it's milder, but the flavor's more interesting, I find. I guess the vinegar is less suppressed, so it's sourer.

Anyone else? Is this heresy?

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  1. Not heresy at all. I have a bottle of red only for recipes that call for it. I much prefer the green for general Tabasco-ing food. I agree, the flavor is more interesting. With the red I feel like I can't taste the sauce through the heat.

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    1. re: mpjmph

      You gotta try the smoked chipotle, good stuff...

      1. re: Sean

        Oh, yeah, the smoked chipotle is great. I love hot sauces but I've never, ever liked red tabasco. I *can* definitely taste the sauce through the heat, unfortunately, and it has a very particular flavor I just can't abide. I use it only when there's nothing else to spice up my food. The green's much nicer.

        1. re: happycat

          Glad I'm not alone. Haven't tried the smoked chipotle; will!

          1. re: happycat

            I agree, the red Tabasco is too vinegary - OK for some marinades, but I never use it directly on food unless I'm in a restaurant where I have no alternative. On the other hand, the green is way too mild for me. The best combination of flavor and heat I've found are the Melinda's habanero sauces, which offer a great balance of chili, lime, and other flavors. They make it in four heat levels - the XXX is my everyday house sauce, and XXXX Reserve adds a little extra kick. If you like Tabasco green you should probably start with the basic or XX level.

            1. re: happycat

              The reason I come back to red Tabasco every time I stray with other hot sauces is because you can taste it over all the other flavors; I like that quality.

              1. re: happycat

                The clear taste is why chefs like sriracha - and so do I.

                The chipotle Tabasco is excellent. Lots of flavor.

                1. re: lergnom

                  The main reason you see Tabasco on all the restaurants tables is that food sales reps are given a extra financial kick from Tabasco to push Tabasco. If the Sysco sales rep gets a few more points on Tabasco compared to a decent sauce you know he/she is gonna push it.

          2. after trying the green and chipotle, i can't go back to the original.

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            1. re: subinai

              The garlic is good stuff as well.

              1. re: roro1831

                I didn't know about the garlic. What's the base sauce? The original red, or something else?

                1. re: happycat

                  It's similar to the chipolte, a little thicker. It was first marketed as a hot sauce, but I think the last time I saw it in the store (at least here in the NE), it was being sold in a bigger bottle as a marinade.

                2. re: roro1831

                  ah ive never tried it. i always see it at the store and pass. i'll give it a shot next time.

              2. I used to collect Hot sauce....I had near 500 bottles...I used to call it the Wall of Flame.

                Out of principle I kept Tabasco off the shelf due to its horrendous taste. Now I do like the Smoked Chipolte from them when I run into it.

                As for the green...never did much for me.

                For mass produced sauces I like Melinda's sauces.

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                1. re: JanPrimus

                  I like Melinda's sauces too; aren't they from Jamaica or something?
                  I have a wide collection of hot sauces, some of which I don't find very hot (reg. and green Tabasco). Some of them I picked up on trips to Mexico and beyond, but the one I use the most is good old Frank's.

                  1. re: bayoucook

                    Melinda's are made in Costa Rica, same as the late lamented Inner Beauty Real Hot Sauce.

                    1. re: BobB

                      I still make a Inner Beauty knock off sauce. Mangoes, Habanero's and Yellow mustard work for me.

                      I love it with a lot of salt water Fish steaks, burgers and I sometimes mix it with mayo for my fries.

                      1. re: BobB

                        Although the best sauce from Costa Rica IMO is Lizano—not the hot sauce but the classic Worcestershire-based stuff. Man, I crave that.

                  2. I like green better also. Here in Oklahoma it only comes in the small bottles which I don't like. Can anyone get big bottles of this stuff?

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                    1. re: LRunkle

                      Go to the Tabasco web site, you can order it in gallon jugs.

                    2. I'm not a particular fan of original red Tabasco. I prefer others for straight "hot sauce" use, but I do like the jalapeño for its flavor.