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May 8, 2009 07:24 AM

Lunch in St. Lawrence Market?

Hi there,
I'm heading to St. Lawrence Market for lunch with co-workers. I've never been for a meal, usually just for meat or cheese. Since time will be short, could anyone recommend their favorite places to try? Thanks!

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  1. I have two suggestions. Either peameal bacon sandwich at Paddington's Pump on the main floor (right near the north-west corner) or the veal sandwich on the bottom floor at Mustachio (in the middle).

    1. If you are really hungry, the italian sandwiches at mustachios are good (veal, chicken , eggplant, etc.). The classic option upstairs is the peameal bacon sandwich. Can't really go wrong there. The eastern european place downstairs that does cabbage rolls, perogies, etc. can also be good.

      Never tried the fish and chips place upstairs but it always seems busy.

      In my opinion, the rest of the other options there are no better than your standard mall food court...

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      1. re: jgloverwork

        Veal sandwiches at Mustachios are amoung the least tasty veal sandwiches in the City. I cannot understand why they have line-ups. they're big, that's all.

        Good options:
        Peameal at Carousel or Paddingtons
        Chicken sandwich from Churrasco
        The fried fish fillet in black bean sauce from the chinese place in the basement
        sausage on a bun or a corned beef sandwich from the place across from Carousel

        1. re: acd123

          second the chicken sandwich - buns are great, veggies are fresh and chicken is really flavourful. And it's inexpensive! It's my go to lunch at SLM.

          1. re: acd123

            Why do you say that about the veal sandwich? I haven't tried them from tons of different places, but it is certainly better than any I've tried in the PATH food courts. Am I missing out on any places?

            1. re: kwjd

              In the PATH food courts??? Yes, you are definitely missing out.

              My favourites, in order of preference:

              Vinny's Panini (Dupont/Shaw)
              California Sandwich (Dufferin/Castlefield, Claremont, or Chesswood)
              San Francescos (Clinton)
              Commisso Bros &Racco Italian Bakery (Kincourt - Castlefield/Caledonia)

              It is very likely that I'm missing out too. I'm sure there are less well known Italian places where Nona is putting together some tasty veal sandwiches.

              I have a thing for veal sandwiches, so if know of one that I'm missing out on, please let me know.

              1. re: kwjd

                I second the thumbs down for Mustachio. Most of the times, the meat has been either cold, chewy or super dry and they are sometimes out of toppings. It would be nice to know that they are out of mushrooms/onions/whatever before they've practically finished making my sandwich!

                However, I liked the bifana sandwich (at the Portugese chicken place by Paddingtons) the few times I've had it and sometimes Buster's is okay.

              2. re: acd123

                One vote for the bifana sandwich at Churrasco with everything on it. SUCH a good sandwich.

                1. re: Wahooty

                  I'm solidly with Wahooty on this one. The bifana with the works at Churrasco is a great way to wake up the tastebuds.

                2. re: acd123

                  Who orders veal at Mustachio...eggplant is the way to go!

              3. The fish sandwich from Buster's Cove is pretty fantastic. I've enjoyed their fried calamari there as well, but be warned, the portion is massive!

                It's definitely very busy at lunch but I've found that the line moves fast and the food comes out quickly.

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                1. re: dxs

                  I like the chicken yero from the greek place in the lower level! Very messy though! That is my fav. Guess when its warmers I will go there for lunch too! Oh and they are really slow for some reason.

                  I had the fish and chips once on the main took forever my order! During a 1 hour lunch ... I won't go there again!

                  1. re: Chocaholic

                    Thanks for all the suggestions. The final call was Buster's Cove for grilled sardines, fries and chicken and shrimp gumbo. The sardines were heavenly, the gumbo was pretty tasty too! The fries were okay, but not as good as I would hav expected. Friends had crepes that they thought were excellent.

                    1. re: sway

                      I work nearby and I go to the market for lunch regularly.

                      The Chinese food in the basement is a good deal, and Boris and Bella at the European place make some tasty, homemade goodies - cabbage rolls, chicken meatballs, potato dumplings, the list goes on. And the pizza and pasta guys in the back of the main floor make some really great pasta and the sauces - yum! Sorry I can't remember the actual names of the places...

                      I know I'm too late for your lunch but maybe next time!