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May 8, 2009 07:21 AM

Uses for Herbs

I just started a herb garden. I have Mint, Rosemary, Dill, Garlic Chives, and am thinking of adding more. I'm looking for suggestion on what to use herbs for. Right now I mainly use mint for drinks like Mojitos.

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  1. Tyme for chic dishes, basil for salads, red sauces etc, saffron for paella for starters. Look at recipes that you like and start experiementing.

    1. Rosemary for roasted or bbq'd meats of all kinds - lamb, beef, pork.
      I love dill on many vegetables, particularly potatoes and carrots. In the summer when cooking on the bbq I make tin foil pouches of cut potatoes with onions and dill - super yummy.
      Mint is good in many mediterranean dishes and salads. (Though why waste it when it can go in a mojito? ;-))

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        good suggestions so far...Keep em coming. I just started making my own vinagrettes...I wonder if any herbs would go well with a simple vinagrette with oil, vinegar, and dijon mustard?

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          Dill, garlic chives, thyme, tarragon, marjoram are all good in vinaigrettes with Dijon mustard. Thyme and marjoram are stronger, so you don't need much in your dressing. Use tarragon, white wine vinegar, a smidge of garlic, and a smidge of honey along with your olive oil and Dijon for a favorite combo of mine.

          Dill is a great match with anything with mustard. Sour cream, yogurt, or mayo with lots of mustard, lots of dill, a bit of vinegar makes a great sauce for salmon. Or sour cream or yogurt, cucumbers, dill.

          Roast new potatoes with olive oil, rosemary - smells heavenly while cooking, tastes great.

          Thyme and tarragon each match well with mushrooms (one or the other, not together).

          Try just adding the chopped leaves of dill or basil to salads as part of the greens. Very fresh tasting.

          Once tomatoes are in season, caprese salads with tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella. Or if you make pizza at home pizza margherita (topped with same).

          Mint is great with fresh peas, the essence of spring.

          If you grow cilantro, you're set for pico de gallo, and Mexican, Southeast Asian, and Indian dishes or flavors. Italian parsley is very versatile, too, and another one to just throw in your salad bowl.

      2. I have a wonderful herb garden (pictures later this weekend, check back) Basil, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Chives, Parsley, Sage, Oregano, Tomatoes (I know not herbs, but oh so good) and a array of hot peppers.

        Watermelon and mint salad with feta cheese!
        I will take rosemary and use the thicker sticks as the "skewer" for kabobs
        Try some basil in your dressing or chives
        Steep basil stems in Olive Oil for flavored dressing
        Herbed Pasta or Orzo salad with fresh chopped herbs
        Herbed Potato salad with a vinagrette instead of mayo (and panchetta)
        "Minted" Lamb burgers
        I make Hot Pepper Tomato Jam - take fresh chopped tomatoes with skin removed in a sauce pan with honey and a thai chili pepper
        Basil Burgers - mix in chopped basil in the mixture and top with a basil mayo
        Rosemary "Ale" Cheese burgers
        Butternut and Sage Raviolis (with a brown butter and sage sauce)
        Fresh sage sausage
        Rosemary chicken - Herbed baked chicken for that matter
        Nothing beats fresh Oregano in a red sauce
        Mint in Strawberrys with some balamic vinegar (and a bit of sugar) served on top of puff pastry and whipped cream
        Make your own Gavlox with the dill

        I hope that helps for now I will be in the kitchen all weekend, so I think of anything else I will report back...also have to put the pictures up

        1. Rosemary - great in marinades and for roasting meats. I don't like dill, so I can't give you any hints. Mint - a pesto to serve with lamb.

          1. Thin, stir-fry beef strips with some fresh mint and cilantro thrown in the pan and some salt are nice and spicy. (I'd fry with coconut oil, wouldn't add wetting agents... if anything a tiny dash of fish sauce.)

            A Middle Eastern breakfast sometimes consists of pita bread with melted feta inside, stuffed with fresh mint.

            Also, you could use baby greens and just mince a bunch of your herbs except rosemary and add them to salads as greens, with a very light dressing maybe involving lemon.

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              I'm with cinnamon on the salad usage...I love fresh parsley as a green in my salads, along with arugula and/or romaine. When you have a lot to use up, it's easy to use this way. I also love fresh parsley chopped and added to my tuna salad along with the usual suspects onion and celery, really brightens up the flavor. I also use fresh parsley as a dipper for hummus; I just twist the leaves and stem together to make a dipper. And as others have said, fresh rosemary is awesome with roasted potatoes.

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                I should add... the herbs go in right at the end, just enough to be barely warmed into the rest of the ingredients but not to go completely floppy and unrecognizable.