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May 8, 2009 07:11 AM

Twin Palms Bar and Grill?

Has anyone been to this place? It is at 214 E. Anderson between lamar and IH 35, where Ninfas used to be. Claims to have a Mexican and Indian buffet. The parking lot has been pretty full at lunchtime since it opened a few weeks ago but I can't find a single review or reference to it online anywhere.

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  1. I couldn't find very much on this place online either, no reviews, no address, no nada. The only thing I found was some kids myspace page that his friend left a comment on regarding meeting there. Random! Anyways..

    Having been a big Ninfa's fan I was excited to see Twin Palms revive the old location, however the Tex-Mex and Indian combo made me very skeptical. I gave it a try anyway and was totally let down.

    The place is basically the same, except the bar is made of marble now. It seems more spacious than before, with less tables and a random toy grabby machine thing.

    We asked the waitress what she recommended, Indian or Tex-Mex, to which she didn't have a good answer to. She defaulted on what customers typically get, but didn't know what naan was when I asked if it came with the Indian dishes. We ended up settling for the fajitas, it seemed like a safe route. The fajitas came out sizzling with bell peppers and onions, sounding promising, but turned out disappointing. They were chewy, fatty, overcooked, and salty. The tortillas were obviously store bought, tasting bitter and chemically with a rubbery texture. I am a huge tortilla snob admittedly, I only like house-made ones and given that Ninfa's had some darn good ones, I really couldn't have expected anything to compare, but these were really gross. I gave up on the tortilla mid meal and just picked at the meat. The fajitas came with guacamole, sour cream, pico, and lettuce, with rice and beans on the side.. nothing really special, boring in fact. The chips and salsa seemed like they were made in house and were okay.. just bland.

    I would never recommend this place or go back there again. Unless someone has something good to say about the Indian food. It does make me curious that they would even offer it, as if they might know what they were doing.

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      A friend and I went there for lunch recently to check it out. We asked the waiter which type of food to get, and indicated that "only the cooks who know Indian food" were working that day. He recommended the butter chicken, and it was actually quite good. He steered us away from the Mexican offerings that day, and the Indian food was pretty good. We too asked about Naan, and he said that yes, naan came with the meal. However, when he brought the naan (a LONG time after we had already eaten most of our food), it turned out to be sopapillas! The waiter said that they were still "working things out" in the kitchen. A very unusual eating experience, but the butter chicken was good.