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May 8, 2009 07:09 AM

Dessert for a potluck

Where do people like to go to get dessert to go (for a potluck) in Boston, something on the ethnic/neighborhood side rather than upscale. JP/Roxbury/Dorchester/Roslindale area if possible. Thanks-

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  1. The tarts at Canto 6 in JP are great. Plus Whole Foods has good cakes. As do some of the bakeries in Chinatown.

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      I would avoid Whole Foods bakery like the plague. Their baked goods are too sweet and rather lacking in substantial flavor, IMO. Canto 6 is really your best bet. Another option is Bay Sweets Company on Spring St in W. Roxbury....really great Lebanese pastries!

    2. In Dorchester, I might check out Ba Le, a good Vietnamese bakery with a variety of East Asian not-too-sweets.

      If you can make it into the downtown area, Chinatown has a variety of great Asian bakeries, my favorites of which are probably Ho Yuen and Mei Sum.

      And if you want something a little more conventionally Western, I'd hit Maria's in the North End for Italian cakes and pastries.

      1. Sweet in West Roxbury has an excellent choice of cookies, pastries, cakes, etc. I especially like their raspberry or apple pillow cookies.

        1. Go to Whole Foods. The tart with the fruit on top of it is outstanding and not that expensive.