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H Mart Lobster

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H Mart has live lobster for $4.79 through Sunday. I haven't had lobster from there but how far wrong can you go for that price?

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  1. They could be what are called "Culls". That means that they are smaller that traditional lobsters and have less meat.
    ask if they are culls...

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      A cull lobster has nothing to do with meatiness or size. A cull is a lobster that has one claw missing. If a lobster has both claws missing, it is called a pistol or a bullet.

      I have bought lobsters cheaply at Super H with good results. On one occasion they were actually selling larger ones (3 lbs or so) for LESS per pound than the smaller ones.

      1. get a couple of them then!

        1. I assume per pound. Their internet ad does not specify. Even if they are soft shells, at that price.... Also, I always heard soft shells don't ship well so that we don't usually get them.

          1. Just got some earlier today. They are regular (hard shell, heavy for the size) lobsters. They weighed in at ~1.30, 1.50 and 1.60 lbs. 4.40 lbs of lobster for $21.08. They were very lively and back-arching. I had read last year (or the year before?) that Maine lobster was in plentiful supply, but had not seen that fact reflected in lobster prices down this way. Maybe the lobster prices this weekend could be the beginning of more than the occasional "sale".

            Anyway, if you want some, I think the sooner you go, the better the pickings.

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              I also reported in another thread the new Lotte in Chantilly had them for $4.99 when I visited last weekend.

            2. Kind of a weird shopping experience. They had 2 large tanks of lobsters. The fish guy put armfuls of lobster on the floor and let me pick the ones I wanted. When he saw I was picking the lively ones he helped and seemed quite pleased as he would hold up a particularly llively one for me. The rest went back into the tank. Some did not look too good. Anyway the ones I took home to steam turned out quite good. At this price I recommend those so inclined to get some. Just be picky, it's okay.

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                I have found those guys, especially the Butchers, to be very helpful - Even with the language barrier!


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                  jfish, i had a little delight in picturing your shopping experience with the lobsters on the floor!

                2. I haven't had them lately but I have bought my lobsters from H Mart before and they have been just fine. In fact, H Mart is pretty much the only place I find reasonably priced lobster in this area.

                  1. http://www.hmart.com/coupon/coupon_ev...

                    Speaking of HMart, I received a coupon book from them a few days ago with incredible deals on items. For instance, they have scallops for ~$3.99/lb.

                    1. The new H Mart in Gaithersburg had them for $3.99 a pound, but they were all out of the water and very dead. I've only ever bought live lobsters - how long are the edible after they die?

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                        I recommend against dead lobsters. They break down very fast even as they are dying.

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                          Were dead ones the only ones available at the Gaithersburg location? There should have been live ones in a fish tank behind the seafood counter. The Wheaton location also had dead ones on ice for sale, but there were live ones in the tank also.

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                            I honestly didn't look too hard; we weren't actually there to buy lobster - although I think their tanks are all to the left of the seafood counter and I didn't see any lobster in those.

                            Thanks jfish, that's what I thought but wasn't sure.