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May 8, 2009 06:39 AM

Asheville - Grove Park Inn- Sunset Terrace

Running a nice special of "3 for $30" every nite - you get app/entree and dessert for $30. Choice of 3 in each category. We were there an had app choice of waldorf salad, caprese salad or mussels; entree choices of: Steak Diane, Duck over wonderful risotto or a Seafood cioppino; dessert: pb tart(like a big reese's cup, cheesecake or key lime pie. We were very pleased w/ the food.
Can't beat the view of downtown Asheville from the terrace. Be advised that 18% gratuity is automatically added.

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  1. I hate that they automaticly add gratuity. I have had drinks in the main lobby given by snotty bartenders that really did not deserve anything. Not to mention that they are the MOST exspensive dinks you will ever get.

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    1. re: JB BANNISTER

      we were attentive to the drink prices as well but were able to enjoy some nice garnacha at $7 per glass and noticed that most of wine by the glass was comprable to elsewhere in asheville.

      1. re: leahinsc

        Last time I was there the mixed drinks were almost double the cost. i hope they changed that.

        1. re: JB BANNISTER

          Wine is decently priced but mixed drinks are overpriced. My husband and I went for drinks. I had 2 mixed drinks (without any upgrades) and he had 2 beers. Total bill a little over $40! The dinner does sound like a good deal, thanks for sharing.

    2. I tip high - above that 18% typically. One of the few places where I've really been ripped off on service with an auto tip is Grove Park Inn. Yes. I resented every cent of that tip. And, I felt really bad that many diners in the group did not even see note the tip added and put more dollars on top of that 18%.

      My issues included the fact that there were no drink refills and no offers to refill. They did ask about desserts, and I was charged for one (ice cream - how hard is that?), and it was not delivered, but it sure was on the bill. Glad I checked.

      It was a conference group, so perhaps they thought we'd not be regulars. Tip was auto, so why bother to check on the tables or even smile and act decent. Prob won't see these folks again. Right. I haven't gone back, and I am close enough to drop by. But, when the kid at the cash register at McDonalds is more helpful than the Grove Park Inn wait staff, then I'm not paying the high prices and the padded tip add on.

      Beautiful place. Could be a big thumbs up.

      Question? If Grove Park Inn really rocked, would they have to tab on the 18%? Hum. Something to consider.

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        1. re: CyndiA

          The grove park inn adds an 18% service charge - 15% goes to the server, 3% goes to the house.

          1. re: Eric Panic

            3% to the house? Well, that TEARS it. Like you're not getting sufficiently gouged already by the house.

            I'm excited to hear they added a nice $7 garnacha to the wine list, because in the past, the wines by the glass have been so mundane and over-priced that I drink beer or mixed drinks.

            Although I've had nice service at breakfast, my one-and-only dining adventure on the terrace included extremely surly service.

            1. re: danna

              our service was pretty good....and definitely could not be characterized as surly. Can't beat the view!

              1. re: leahinsc

                You absolutely cannot beat the view. Despite my bitter complaining about the food, the prices, the service, the attitude, yada, yada over the years...we still go back. To stay there, for the spa, for drinks on the patio....that view trumps everything else.

          2. re: CyndiA

            The Grove Park Inn had to add the service charge because there were so many people attending conferences that did not tip.

            They do a tremendous amount of conference business and very often, wait staff was getting stiffed.

            I've been staying at the Grove Park Inn for years and the staff has never been anything but gracious to me. Extremely courteous.

            FWIW, I've seen the waitstaff in the lobby treated badly by guests on many occaisions.

            1. re: BlueHerons

              Perhaps Grove Park Inn should just give a reasonable set rate on conferences including the tip if they want to host those.

              Of course, the service should be resonable to balance that out if the reasonable pay rate is included, and I do think people should be paid at a fair rate.

              While the wait staff may have been stiffed by some before the auto conference tip, I can assure you that others at the conference I was talking about paid the 18% plus whatever they considered the going tip rate. Nice pay that. Checking the bill is a good idea.

              I'm glad your experience has been good.

              Mine was not. I did not complain about "nothing to drink" and no dessert brought (other than asking that it be taken off the bill). I am not the type to treat anyone badly. But, I am also the type not to return to a restaurant that thinks that some patrons are not worth any effort. While some conference attendees may not be good guests, others are. When they soak everyone, they do not get the good ones back.

              1. re: BlueHerons

                I fully understand why large parties get an auto gratuity. It's easy to get confused over who is responsible for what when you're in a group. But why that should translate to a couple having dinner I can't understand.

                1. re: BlueHerons

                  The GPI has been adding the service charge for at least 20 years. The house 3% cut easily generates 200 - 300K (probably more) a year in income.

              2. i have had wonderful experiences there, although years ago. my husband and i had a beautiful dinner in the restaurant upstairs and the lady who waited on us was lovely. the food was amazing that night. everything was perfect.
                we have been to the brunch buffet a few times and loved it.
                that lobby is so NOT intimate but the terrace is magnificent.
                outside is nice for walking too, and golf.
                i am always sorry to read how rude people are treated there. that was never my experience.