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May 8, 2009 06:32 AM

Pizza in Hatboro

I just moved from Chalfont to Hatboro, and I'm fairly familiar with the area, but I don't know any good pizza places yet. Does anyone have any recommendations in the downtown area?

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  1. I used to live in Hatboro - moved 1.5 years ago into Philly - and I can't recommend any pizza joints in the downtown area. I hear Silvio's has a good tomato pie, but I never had it. Their subs are phenomenal though. If you can get out of the downtown, try Tonelli's on 611 in Horsham. One of the best pizza joints around, although the service there is usually lacking.

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      sorry! Have to disagree with you about Tonelli's, mediocre, at best. Best Pizza near Hatboro is on Welsh Road. La Cucina Fanti. Excellent pie and great Hoagies, no Subs!

      810 Welsh Rd
      Horsham, PA

    2. There aren't really any great pizza places in Hatboro proper. Louie Louie was outside of Hatboro but it just closed. There is Pizza Plaza in Warminster. Straight up York in the Centre Point shopping center (Where Giant is and incidently there is a Five Guys in there as well). Illanno's (prob spelled very wrong). In the shopping center at Davisville and Street where the Pathmark is located. My all-time fav is in Willow Grove. Franconi's at the corner of Welsh and Old York in the Moreland Plaza. Not only are there pizzas great but so is everything else on the menu. Their dinners are enough to feed 2-3 and are very reasonable. I agree Tonelli's is ok and they are pricey.

      1. sam's italian market in Willow Grove has fantastic tomato pie.
        don't think they do any other pizza though

        1. Thanks for all of the suggestions, I should be set for the next few Friday nights trying them out. I wound up going to Joe's Pizza next to produce junction, and it was pretty good for typical pizzeria pizza. Does anyone know if Bacco up in North Wales is still planning on opening the two new pizza locations? They have excellent pizza and ever since they opened the pizza side, the menu said that a Horsham and Warwick location were coming soon, but maybe with the economy they are delaying that.