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May 8, 2009 06:04 AM

Good Kitchen Knives

Hello! I checked through the search tool, but the most recent post about good kitchen knives is a few years old, so I thought that I'd bring it up again =)

I'm looking for a good kitchen knife, or maybe a set. I'm a bit limited to places that are TTC/downtown core friendly and Mississauga. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd really appreciate it =) I'm willing to spend a bit if it's worth it - I mainly want a good knife to chop my veggies with! I think it's time to retire my crappy knives - they have a hard time cutting chives :|

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  1. I have a set of Cutco knives that I really enjoy. There is a distribution warehouse in Oakville. Don'tknow if they can be bought at a store as they are sold through direct marketing.

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      Cutco knives are really expensive cheap knives. For the money you can do a lot better pretty much anywhere listed below.

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        I own a Cutco 9" chef's knife, the 7" Santoku and a pairing knife. I find them of very good quality both in design and manufacture. I'm not a chef, but they've performed extremely well for me when cutting produce to meats for the past 5 years (the santoku for the past 2 years). I just wanted to know why you think they are cheap knives. They don't feel cheap, seem well balanced, and the tang runs through the whole handle.

    2. Henckels.

      A place by George Brown College sell's them at wholesale prices for the culinary students.

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          I believe Connoisseur is thinking of Dinetz. I've never bought knives there but I have bought cookware.

      1. The Healthy Butcher has very good prices on knives. I think it's their way of repenting for the price of their meat.

        1. The Paderno Store in Miss. at Mavis+Britannia(near BestBuy)carries MAC and can order whatever's not in stock. Costco carries a big Global set for $599.

          1. Make sure you have a sharpening steel to keep your knives sharp:

            You can probably rescue your knife with a stone and a steel, but really, life's too short to put up with crappy knives.

            The calphalon store at King and Bathurst has very good knives, I find at least about as good as Henckels. Tap Phong on Spadina north of Dundas also has a cache of decent knives behind the counter, and several stores northwards on that side of the street; there's one particularly good store a block further north on a corner, name escapes me.

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              Another vote for Tap Phong. Got my Global Santoku for $100 there. Decent price. There's also the Cook's Place on the Danforth that carries many different brands of knives and they're fairly knowledgeable there, so it may be worth a visit.

              1. re: jlunar

                I also have to put in my vote for Tap Phong. They carry several brands of really good knives at an excellent price. I bought a few Forschner Victorinox knives from them at an excellent price.
                Cook's Illustrated, which I love because they test everything, rates most of the Forschner Victorinox knives very highly in their tests. The Fibrox handles are easy to grip, even with wet hands.

              2. re: svanegmond

                There are many many good knives (global, mac, shun, wusthof, misono, the list goes on and is quite subjective). Go out and hold them to see which one feels the best (weight, size, grip, balance) then scope out pricing on the net. Williams Sonoma has a wide variety of Shun, Global, and Wusthof. A Cook's Place on the Danforth carries a bunch of Mac and Shun. They also have a discount program when buying multiple knives and donating some old knives to them. Tap Phong for Global.

       is a great place for knives. Fantastic correspondence, knowledgeable, and quick shipping.

                I own a calphalon and am not particularly happy with it. I find it looses it's edge quite easily. I do hone with a ceramic steel every 2-3 uses, but i find the steel is a little soft.

                I also own some shuns, mac, and misono knives. They are all lovely knives. Misono's chef knife is the one for me.... but a wee bit on the costly end. If german is your thing, i think the Classic Ikon line from Wusthof has a great feel... for me anyway;


                Happy hunting... bad choice of words maybe. Good luck. Grab a ceramic steel to keep a nice edge to your blade. Much better than a regular honing steel. Just make sure you practice on the cheap knives first!!

                1. re: Derksen

                  I would suggest you look at these places also, but is a good choice for a Canadian retailer.



                  You will get more bang for back buying knives from these places than from any retailer in Toronto. Suggested brands include Misono, Tojiro, Hiromoto, etc.....Japanese blades will outperform the German ones, except for rough work (ie. chopping through bones).

                  1. re: aser

                    I agree aser but would advise anyone considering high-end Japanese blades to look into "edge geometry" and how these knives differ from more familiar European models. They require different care and don't suffer abuse very gracefully.

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                      Thing is with Korin, they highly recommend you go in and at the very least hold the knife. A lot of buying the RIGHT knife has to do with feel. So buying blindly off of the website - given the OP's circumstances - might not be the best idea. especially when investing around $200 - $300 per knife.

                      1. re: goodcookiedrift

                        I wouldn't suggest they spend so much if they're just getting into Japanese knives. Something like a Tojiro DP 8" gyuto/chef's knife is only $56.50. It far outperforms a Henckel or Wusthof.


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                          Try Canadian company based out of BC I think. You can order online. Good selection. Price is fair. Carry both factory made and hand made JP knives. I might order from them. Especially if I buy some Tojiro DP's.

                          Any one know where in Canada or Toronto we can find Hiromoto Aogami steel knives?