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May 8, 2009 06:04 AM

Review of Les trois petits bouchons

I went last night for the first time to Les trois petits bouchons on St-Denis street. It is located between Mont-Royal and St-Joseph just in front of Le theatre du rideau vert. I sat at the bar and had a couple of appetizers and a couple of glasses of wine. Everything was excellent! I had the sweetbreads with unagi. They were some of the best I have ever eaten. They were tender inside and crispy, but not too much, outside. I also had grilled octopus that was excellent. I saw some other plates go by..their gaspacho...veal tartare really seemed excellent...bouchonnailles. I ended with 50 grams of cheese, 8$ and the perfect quantity for after dinner when you are not full and not wanting dessert, Quebec cheeses by the way. The 3 were very well chosen.

I will certainly go back. It is not cheap...between 9 and 15$ for appetizers and 18 and 32$ for entrees, the wines by the glass are between 8 and 12 but there are no bottles under 40$. The staff is courteous, professional and friendly. They were quite full on a Thursday night so you have to make a reservation before going. Even the places ar the bar were reserved.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I've also only been once and was really impressed - and meaning to go back :)

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      I went there for my birthday a couple of months ago and I absolutely loved it, we had an early reservation as it tends to get very busy. Our waiter was fantastic and super nice, I don't remember his name but he wore glasses....we gave him carte blanche to recommend wines with our meals and he was spot on.

      I started off with the cheese fondue appetizer and it was to die for and then had the lamb shank but all of my friends got different dishes and we all shared so we could experience most of their menu. I agree their sweetbreads were amazing, if not prepared properly they can be quite disgusting if you don't have the acquired taste for them. I tasted the mushroom risotto and it was amazing, made with almonds and truffle oil it had flavor and texture. I will definitely order that next time.

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        far and away my favourite restaurant in the city - great review!

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          Went there last night. Was absolutely brilliant - friendly, pleasant staff, good service, food delicious. We has the mushroom tartine as an appetizer, which was probably the best mushroom dish i've ever had. Then shared a whole pintade for 2 (which you have to carve yourself, good fun), also delicious, served with a variety of perfectly cooked vegetables. No room for dessert, but that Paris-Brest looked really delicious. Went with the wine recco, a venitian merlot, truly excellent (private import, unfortunately). Prices were actually pretty good for this quality of food, entrees mostly in the 20-30$ range. We shall return !

    2. Went there recently and enjoyed the experience, though I would say the prices edge towards excessive. The service was outstanding and the atmosphere relaxed, but entrees priced at over 30 dollars (dinner for three was $250) would probably keep me from coming back or from recommending it to friends.

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      1. re: newport

        Have their prices changed? I remember food being reasonable for the quality (mains/entrees between 20-30, and appetizers 10-20 (good portions)). My souvenir is that it's the wine that kills you there, not the food (not that it's not worth it, just saying it's the largest portion of the bill by far...but that would depend how much you drink, as they have many choices by the glass.

        I hope their prices haven't changed, I was actually planning to go back soon.

        1. re: sweettoothMTL

          At a visit last june the prices were as you stated (20-30 per entrees, unless it's an entree for 2 people like the guinea fowl). Perhaps they've upped them a bit ?

          1. re: johnnyboy

            Returned there a few days ago; still nice, though service seems to be getting a bit on the aloof side, and prices have definitely edged up (I would say entrees are more in the 20-45$ range now). Also, they seem to have a tendency to tell you that you'll get the "window" table when you call to reserve, then put you elsewehere once you arrive (happened to us, and also to friends on another occasion).

      2. I have only been once, and won't be going back.
        The appetizer du moment was blood sausage with a savoury marshmallow of some sort. Based on the reputation of the place we figured it would be better than it sounded. Wrong; it was three ingredients that had no business being on the same plate. Some dishes were delicious, like the sauteed mushrooms; most were not. Service was appalling. It would have been nice to have been warned that the $84 cut of beef (for two) would take forever. It arrived in an enormous slab, entirely uncut, and we were presumably expected to hack it to pieces with our tiny steak knives. Across the table? Or were we supposed to pass it back and forth? We asked for it to be sliced, whereupon it was returned to us in five half-pound chunks. It was competently cooked, but absolutely slathered in a sweet sauce that might as well have come from a bottle.
        The low point of the awful service was to have the waiter turn and begin bantering with the next table while I was in the process of asking questions about the wine list. The short order cook at your average greasy spoon generally has enough manners not to talk to other customers while you are placing your order. These problems are so basic as to be inexcusable. As a restaurant experience, it was insulting. Four thumbs down.