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May 8, 2009 05:46 AM

Business Trip to London

I will be in London in July for a week's business trip. I have some restrictions that make it hard to decide on where to eat and I definitely don't want to leave it to chance or my co workers. First we will be staying on Gracechurch Street in The City and the office is near Liverpool Street Station. So close by there for most evenings since they do expect we will be working hard. It is on the expense account so moderate in price. One of my co workers is a picky eater so no place really exotic. I don't like Indian and he doesn't like Chinese but I might be able to get him to try Thai, Vietnamese, Malyasian or other Asian cuisines. We are planning a trip to The Gun which is I guess traditional for this trip. I probably need to give more parameters but I am not sure what would help, TIA.

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  1. If you are ok with fish, then Swithin's in St Swithin's Lane is unbeatable. Best fish in London, I think. The ground floor is the fish bit, and it's open in the evenings which many places in The City are not.

    In Gracechurch St (are you staying in The Club Quarters?) you will find The Gaucho Grill steak joint under The Cross Keys pub, which is fine. Entrance in side alley.

    Another nice place is The Coq d'Argent with its roof garden on top of 1 Poultry near The Bank of England.

    For inexpensive Thai try Thai Square tucked behind Mansion House tube. It's part of a chain but really quite ok.

    All these 5-10 mins walk from Gracechurch St.

    1. 5-10 mins walk from Liverpool street try the East Room it is a private members club but if you make a dinner booking you are fine to get in - food and wine is excellent and reasonably priced and you will impress your coworkers with your "inside" London knowledge!

      1. I would second the East Room if you can get in. Alternatively, I had a business lunch at Le Bouchon Breton, in Spitalfields in the City a few months ago, and while it wasnt amazing, it was pretty good and perfectly catered for all tastes (there were 8 of us) and is moderate in price. It's French so shouldn't offend the more picky eaters.
        you could also head to the Rivington in Shoreditch, not far at all from the City - good British food, and once again, pretty reasonable.

        1. Try Sedap for Penang-style Nyona/Peranakan cooking, a cuisine specific to Penang in Malaysia. The best dishes there are probably the curries to be taken with rice, and definitely nyonah kueh for dessert.

          Incidentally, Threadneedles Hotel in the City has a very pleasant afternoon tea.

          1. If you'll be working late, and you like steak, you could try Hawksmoor on Commercial Road. It's not too far away from Liverpool Street. The cocktails are great and even the non-steak items were not bad. They have a burger lunch menu as well, which, apparently, isn't bad. You'll probably need to make reservations.

            157 Commercial St, Poplar, Greater London E1 6, GB