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May 8, 2009 05:30 AM

It's 11:00am on Sunday and you need 2 dozen tamales. Where do you go?

My Austin tamale-finding skills are seriously deficient. Can anyone help?

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  1. Curra's is the only thing that comes to mind. They're expensive.

    1. When I lived behind Fiesta, I remember often watching them make tamales right in the store, near the butcher counter. Not sure they still do that, but in those days, they were always fresh, and pretty decent, considering. I think these days, I might check with La Michoacana, they serve them and bet they will sell by the dozen as well...have not had them, but imagine they are reasonably decent. Since I don't live in A any more, I'm a bit behind, but I'll bet even Borrega de Oro will sell ya a couple dozen, assuming they have them at all...little places like that often do...bought some in Cedar Park at a place (a small taqueria) on 620 and they were ok too. Get on the phone!!!

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        That's money, samba. I like those picks because I could weave in a great breakfast at those places. Will look into those. My biggest constraint here is Sunday at 11:00, so I'll see what those guys can do.

      2. In the old days, we got our tamales at Green & White Grocery, like everybody else. A sad day when they closed.

        But now we drive out 71 to the original Rosie's Tamale House - the little one, the original one, the "tamales to go" place across the street from the restaurant.

        Those tamales are terrific.

        We buy a lot, and freeze them so that we have them on hand. They're just as good heated up weeks later.

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