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[lymm] church green.

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not a review more a recommendation.

on the A50 next to Lymm Damm.

go now whilst you can still get in, the chef will be on Great British Menu soon and has previously held a star. i think he was head chef at the Dorchester at some point as well.

great chef, great service, great food & wine
pub food; pork belly mash & greens £12
restaurant food; duck breast & leg truffle potatoes, morel sauce £19
good wine list
excellent desserts.

the only thing i didnt like was the glass ware which is heavy duty for pub drinking

the fish and chips looked lovely

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  1. Aiden Byrne is the chef, and yes he was the chef at the well reviewed Dorchester Grill until he left to set up his own pub in Lymm.

    I had read he was going to evolve the menu over time; he needs to get cash through the door quickly to finance the place but once he is established he will put more of his stamp on it. I had also read that it was already very popular and getting tricky to get a table.