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May 8, 2009 01:00 AM

how do you wash your knives?

I really need a new way to wash my knives because I just cut my finger tonight while washing it.. I saw Alton Brown use a little brush on it and I think it would be much safer.

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  1. I'm just very careful with mine. I use a regular sponge, ut I always clean away from the edge, then run it under the tap and dry immediately.

    1. I use my regular sponge. Personally, I wouldn't use a brush because the last time I was using brush on my knife, my hand slipped off the brush and I slice my thumb. 3 stitches. That was in cooking school. If I had the same cut once I was working out in the real world, I would have wrapped it tight and kept going, lol.

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        Isn't it funny how attitudes change? When I first started in the business, I cut the tip of my thumb off and ended up in the emergency room all night. Knowing what I know now, I would just heat up a saute pan and sear it closed and get back to work.

        Anyways... I clean my knives by running them under scalding hot water then wiping dry with a towel. You could put a little soap on a towel if you wanted. Once you get the feel for running a towel over a knife, you should never cut yourself.

        (Knock on wood...)

        ETA: Strangely enough, sitting on the couch, I can't picture how I actually clean the knife with a towel without cutting myself, but I've been doing it for years now, so I guess it works.

        1. re: ktb615

          really? ((o___o)) I don't think I could just lose the tip of my thumb. How much thumb was it?

          1. re: Soop

            Just like a quarter inch. There was nothing to sew back on (lost all that meez) and it grew back, so maybe it would have grown back if I just seared it shut.

      2. I fold a soapy sponge in half, and place the blunt-side of the knife in the fold, and the sharp-side facing out. Then run the sponge up and down the blade until it's clean. Rinse in hot water. Dry carefully if it's a metal that could rust, otherwise air dry.

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        1. If the knife really needs to be scrubbed, I hold the handle over the sink with the blade flat on the counter. Then I can wail on it with a scrubby sponge without having to worry about cutting myself.

          1. I lay the blade flat on a counter and use a folded 3M scrubbie to wipe from the spine across the blade. I do both sides, dip it to make sure it is clean and then wipe it dry.