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Wedding Venue-- St. Lawrence Market Hall vs Gladstone Hotel

A friend of mine is getting married and wants a real "Old Toronto" feel. These were the first places that came to mind for me (been out of the city a while, forgive me). Can anyone provide insight? Food, most importantly, obviously, but also ambiance and cost, if possible. Thank you all so much

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  1. ...thought just occurred. Does St. Lawrence Market Hall cater its own events? Sorry for ignorance

    1. My friends had a wedding at the Gladstone, although they only served hors d'oeuvres. Obviously cost will be more than holding it at a banquet hall up in Woodbridge. The package included a suite at the hotel.

      It went off smoothly. There was even an article in the star recently about it......You can see pics in the gallery/love section.



      1. If they have the budget for it, take a look at The Carlu. The owners restored it to it's orginal circa 1930's art deco beauty. It's an extremely well-run venue that requires little to no decor.

        SLM Hall is essentially a barn space that would require heavy intervention to make it a wedding space. While it's possible, you have to look at it's price with all the add-on's VS the Carlu's higher price with the ability to simply use it's space "as is".

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          I think you've got your St. Lawrence Halls mixed up. I'm sure that what hungrystudent's friend is thinking of is St. Lawrence Hall, not the St. Lawrence Market hall.

          St. Lawrence Hall, at 157 King East, is a fabulous space with high ceilings and crystal chandeliers in an amazing 1850s building. Might be pricey because I think you have to pay for rentals of tables, chairs, dishes, etc., but the place is magnificent and needs little in the way of decoration aside from a centerpiece on each table. The Gladstone, on the other had, is far less grand and can seem cramped.

          I'm not totally sure, but I think St. Lawrence Hall has a roster of caterers that can be brought in to use the facilities. The Gladstone, of course, has its own catering kitchen, run by Marc Breton.


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            I responded to the one they asked about, SLM Market Hall. Agreed that St Lawrence Hall is a splendid space. Trust me, I know my venues.

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              I've been to an event where Urban Source Catering did the food. As they like to say, FABULOUS!

              Great venue + great food and professional staff from Urban Source made for a wonderful party. I'd recommend to all.

          2. St. Lawrence Hall does not Cater. However this can be a bonus as you have the freedom to pick and choose.. Have you considered Berkley Church?? same area same idea

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              Berkeley Church is a poor choice is you want an accessible venue. You cannot avoid stairs.

            2. Have you considered the Enoch Turner schoolhouse? It does lovely weddings and definitely has an Old Toronto feel.

              1. There's also the Liberty Grand and the Estates of Sunnybrook.

                1. ...and the Great Hall on Queen/Dovercourt or the Eglinton Grand, which is an art-deco former theatre. I've heard nice things about St. Lawrence Hall and would always prefer a venue which allowed me to select my own caterer.

                  1. Can't comments on St. Lawrence Hall at all.

                    We considered the Gladstone for our wedding and really liked the space and the planner there. Heard good things about the food too. The two major drawbacks for us were no patio, and the fact that it was in a pretty inconvenient/non-central location.

                    For an "old Toronto" feel, your friend might also want to think about Archeo at the Distillery District. We loved it, but it ended up getting booked for the date we wanted. The planner there was really great, and the space is really nice (plus there's a large patio). Never actually tried the food, but a friend of my sister's had his wedding there and I'm told the food was great. Prices seemed fairly reasonable too (neither dirt-cheap, nor crazy-expensive).

                    Good luck.

                    1. I think that St. Lawrence Hall is one of the most perfect places for a wedding. It is a beautiful space, has great historic value and the staff are easy going. They don’t limit you to “preferred vendors” and they help you make the arrangements required. The other bonus is that they are in a great location with parking available close by.