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May 7, 2009 11:28 PM

Restaurants near Arles/Les Baux/St. Remy

We are headed out for a couple of days to take the kids to see the Roman ruins. I have read through the posts on the area, through the Gigante guide as well.

We have 2 kids and a small baby, all good adventurous eaters and well behaved, and will be staying midway between Arles and Les Baux and St. Remy. Going midweek. Any ideas on where to eat? One thing is that we have 2 celiacs, so nothing that is only pizza and pasta without another option.

My husband is eying Le Barrème in Arles - any reports on that?

We would love good food, because so far our dining out options have been mediocre aside from Socca and chocolates!

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  1. Bistrot du Paradou is fantasic! You must go there. In Paradou, next to Maussane. this is only 15 mins drive from st remy

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      Here's a second for Bistro du Paradou. And do not miss the Olive Oil Collaborative at Maussane les Alpilles. Try to go on a Tuesday, when they are open to the public.

    2. Thank you! We did go to Bistro du Paradou and had a fabulous meal. A very fresh asparagus and lettuce salad with a nice parm cheese and aged balsamic vinegar. fabulous tender and very flavorful roast lamb and less succesful, but still good roast chicken (hubby and I shared the two options). great potato gratin (cream). Hubby had farci tomato and enjoyed the bread - a hearty multigrain. The cheese course is fantastic - 8 or so different cheeses to try. For the kids they did smaller portions of meat and potatoes, cheese and dessert for 20 euros. We tried 4 different desserts, husbands almond tart was good - classic hard praline top with frangipagne underneath, but a bit difficult to eat politely. The delice marron, creme caramel and mousse chocolat were all classic interpretations and enjoyed.

      Service friendly and laid back, Packed with a conversational din which was nice with kids - they could be well behaved but not silent.

      We ended up at the hotel after Les Baux in Fontveille. Kids were too tired to subject them to a restaurant menu and the restaurant in the hotel strangely would not do ala carte. So the kids ate their breakfast for the next morning and hubby and I went without. I was very hunry the next morning - we hit the Arles market which was fun. Not a lot of good breakfast options, but we picked up some veggies for home, lots of fruit at good prices. For lunch we took a poulet roti and potaatoes from the market and paella with some cherries up to the pont du gard. Very good chicken. Paella was decidedly mediocre with not crusty bits or chorizo in sight which I like. For dinner we munched on some gluten-free bread picked up from a bakery in Tarason, Les 7 Epis Bio (and some other ancient grain bread for the non-celiacs), two great cheeses and a duck cured sausage from thr market and finished off the cherries. I would have liked to eat out more, but this worked well with the kids.

      We alas didn't get to the Olive Oil Collaborative as they don't open up until June. We did hit the olive oil tasting in St. Remy which was fun, but a bit precious. I loved the rest of St. Remy though. Kids had mediocre ice cream, but they were thrilled. I hit Joel Durand - more later on a report of Southern France chocolatiers I have been trying, and got some lovely nutty nougat at Petit Duc, surprisingly not as expensive as the pristine nature of the store would suggest - at least the nougat. I really enjoyed shops in the inner city and it was fun to see the different specialties in the patisserie from the Nice region, even if I couldn't partake.

      Lovely region and kids had a blast!