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May 7, 2009 11:12 PM

Sexy Diner Food

I have heard of the "naughty" diners all along the east side (, has any here actually eaten there?

I'm aware of all the nudity and all, but which food is actually good? Going there with a bachelor party group.

Chez Lidia, Les Courtisanes, and Les Princesses Super Sexy seem to be the ones in contention. I've read from a previous Bachelor Party thread that Les Courtisanes closed.

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  1. Interesting recent article regarding these diners:

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      1. We're really not the right place to debate the appropriateness of this type of venue, and we've removed a great number of posts in that vein. If you've been to any of these places, and can comment on the quality of the food, please do.

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        1. Actually, it was a serious question about the food. I am not expecting haute cuisine or anything, but wanted to know the quality as opposed to the gimmick (which is painfully obvious).

          Though I'm not planning the party, I thought I would gauge to CW savy for those who are familiar with these establishments. It's not your average topic, but I certainly care enough about the food to ask.

          I agree with Maximilien from what I've seen so far from other sites. I will have to go to one eventually, I figured at least I could be semi-in the know when it came to the menu.

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            But why not though? Its part of the experience

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              So a group of 12 guys and I walk into Les Princesses as a surprise for our bachelor who was floored. The place looked super seedy from the outside, but to our surprise there were all sorts of people hanging out inside enjoying their breakfast. What kind of people exactly? Old creepy men, families with baby children, male and female couples, and of course, us rowdy bunch of men.

              But onto the food. It was cheap ... no more than $5-6 per plate and like most Montreal businesses they split the bill for us which is so great. The food was not mind blowing, but for breakfast / diner fare that is less than $7 it was pretty decent. The home fries were a little dry, but the omelettes were real solid. Pretentious foodies need not apply, but let it be known their breakfast platters are at the very least edible and good for inexpensive food.

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                I went to Les Princesses this weekend with a female friend of mine, and I have to wonder how a "sexy breakfast" joint can really stay in business if they've lost their liquor license--as they apparently have?

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