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May 7, 2009 10:11 PM

Anyone here not like the renowned thin crust NY style pizza?

after having pizza from a place outside of nyc that was supposed to be the gold std for pizza and another place that was also possibly supposed to be good for nyc pizza decided that I don't much appreciate it. that seems to be an unpopular opinion on the board. much rather have costco pizza.

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  1. Interesting you should mention the Costco pizza crust. Last week I ordered one to go from the Los Feliz, California store and the outside crust was almost non-existent (that puffy handle like crust on the edge was missing). I don't know if was a mistake or maybe they've cut down on the dough for the pizza.

    I prefer a crust thinner than the Costco crust because I like the crispy-chewy texture of the bottom crust. That's not to say I like a cracker like crust. Plus more carbs than I need makes me feel full and guilty.

    1. If it comes out of a store's freezer, it's not pizza. If it is not thin crust.... it's just not pizza. If it is that stuff like in Chicago........ it is a casserole, NOT a pizza.

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      1. You mention having NY "style" outside of NY...have you ever had the real stuff?
        I only ask because I've had some really bad NY "style" thin crust pizza and would understand someone not liking the stuff if that's all they had to go on.
        Being a New Yorker, I love thin crust pizza but not all of it is created equal. I have had horrible thin crust NY pizza in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, name it. It's just bad ingredients etc...don't give up on the thin crust just yet!
        That being said...I have had some very good Chicago style deep dish pizza/casserole whatever you want to call it, so go figure.

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