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May 7, 2009 08:38 PM

?Boston's Best Fish Chowder?

In an age where clam chowder is the "sexy" chowder, everyone in the world knowing familiar with this delicious soup (New England style of course, none of this Manhattan garbage), its cousin, fish chowder, is often overlooked, although a more dynamic soup.

I've long been a fan of Legal Seafood's fish chowder. I honestly believe it's a better soup, but maybe it's also because I try to go against the grain. And I've also chowed on Turner Fisheries fish chowder and it's quite good, just extremely pricey.

So, I'm curious if anyone can recommend some other great fish chowders around Boston? Also, does anyone really know why the clams get all the glory while the fish is the black-sheep soup?

Discuss . . .

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  1. try the NO NAME at the fish pier for chowder. A well made Manhattan if you can find one , blows away anything else

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    1. re: hlerm2

      But to most Bostonians...Manhattan style chowder doesn't blow anything away, it just blows.

      The Fish Chowder at DryDock cafe is pretty good.

    2. Just had some day before yesterday and have written on this board about it before. The Haddock Chowder at Lobsta Land in Gloucester is the BEST chowder I have ever had. Milky, not thick, with lots of haddock, potatoes, onions etc. If you like fish chowder you owe it to yourself to go north. It's right off 128 South, just south of the Annisquam bridge.

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        2nd LL, also I like Causeway fish chowder and Legal Lite Clam Chowder.