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May 7, 2009 08:24 PM

Boring Hell's kitchen? (no spoiler - nothing to spoil)

The only thing that struck me during the whole episode, was the first segment when they ran through all the contestants and their eliminations and "issues" - I thought to myself, "I've been watching this for HOW long"?

I would have bet the house and the car that the challenge was going to be tied after the first two dishes, and heck - what man would not pick a well cooked piece of meat (filet no less) over a piece of fish. The winner was obvious, even though I didn't find anything special to the meat dish - and twice baked potatoes in 45 mins - with all the other dishes? THere's a certain art to making a great baked potato and to me, cooking it fast (by whatever means) isn't the way.

And Lacey - oh how I have missed thee.... let me count the ways.

So next week, who's door is gonna open???? I think it's Paula - well, I mean, I hope it's Paula. I think she deserves it more than Danny.

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  1. I think Danny's team is the stronger of the two (even though he took Ben and Carol vs. Lacey!!!!). This is just the set-up for the show-down, no one got booted, so it has to be boring.

    1. Used to watch this show but have more or less forgotten about it this season. Can't remember the last episode I watched.

      And doesn't every challenge come down to the very last dish?

      1. I agree -- for a first-part-of-the-finale, it was a pretty banal episode. But then, if memory serves correct, most of the first-parters have been pretty much the same. Things don't start heating up until dinner service.

        I'd be happy if Paula wins, but I'm betting on Danny.

        1. Your second paragraph pretty much said it all, maisonbistro (betting that the COO would pick the meat over fish - hell, even Paula knew it!)

          Lacey's reemergence should make for a relatively interesting show next week.

          1. Well, it's certainly no Hen-in-a-Pumpkin finale. I have to tell you I could really care less about who wins this year. HK would have been better off if Lacey was on the finales.

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              Lacey and Colleen--that would be a ratings winner.