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May 7, 2009 07:33 PM

Kosher BBQ grillers for on site grilling? So Cal.

I am organizing an event in late may, and looking for a Kosher BBQ service to provide a yummy dinner at Temescal canyon beach , for about 30 people or so.....maybe more 9but not many more.) I am currently looking into /handleing any beach permits....
MY first problem is that it is a Saturday night event.... with guests arriving around 7:15 pm
my first preference is to find a one stop shop. maybe where they supply someone not observant to do the grilling? or something like that?
but worst case
I was thinking I could purchase all the Kosher goods, if there was a service who could cook it...

any ideas?

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  1. no kosher caterer will allow any cooking on shabat even if done by a non religious or non Jew. In addition no preparation of any kind can be done on shabat for after shabat. for example if one was having a party after shabat you can not set the table on shabat. again this would be forbidden even if done for a non Jew for the Jew under most circumstances.

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      thank you so much. I was not familiar with the kosher laws pretaining to this . You input is appreciated

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        You can look around. There may be some kosher or kosher-style caterers that fit your bill and work on Shabbat. They may not be mainstream kosher, but it doesn't appear that you need that.