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May 7, 2009 07:17 PM

Late Night Eats

I'll be staying at the Delta Montreal tomorrow night and will be getting late. Any recommendations for any late night dining within walking (1 Kil) distance?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I also forgot to include the address: 475 President Kennedy Ave (near Les Promenade de La Cathedrale le Baie)

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    1. re: Foodaholic

      Assuming that by dining you mean something more than fast food, one of the closest spots to your hotel would be Pullman wine bar. Unfortunately, the food is uneven, though never bad.

      Outside your range (about 2 km) but still a pleasant walk is the popular L'Express (3927 Saint-Denis), the most Parisian of the city's bistros. Kitchen is open till 2 a.m., I believe.

      Even farther is another bustling bistro, Leméac, with even better food and a great after-10 special: appetizer, main and coffee for $22. Though it's about 2.8 km from your hotel, the walk through Mount Royal park and bourgeois Outremont is very agreeable and the 80 bus up Park Ave. is fast and frequent.

      Also bear in mind that taxis are abundant and relatively inexpensive.

    2. About 3 blocks east and 3 blocks south (maybe a Klick), you'll find Montreal's Chinatown. A few places are open late and a couple are open quite late.
      Beijing at 92 de la Gauchetiere closes at 2:30am (my rec)
      If you need later, Maison VIP at 1077 Clark closes at 3:30am, but doesn't serve wine past 3:00am :-(

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      1. re: porker

        I know the OP's visit is probably over, but for future tourists consulting this thread - that geography estimate was a bit off.

        University (the approx East-West cross street of The Bay) to Parc Ave is approx 6 blocks.
        And Parc to St. Laurent is another 6 blocks. So that's 12 blocks east, not 3.

        Granted, they're small blocks and it's a nice walk, but it pays to have realistic expectations.

        If that hike is too daunting, you can always hop on the metro: Chinatown is just north of the Place d'Armes station (Orange line).

        1. re: anachemia

          From the Delta at University and Sherbrooke to Chinatown (St-Urbain & de la Gauchetiere) is 10 mins walk, 15 if you're a real slowpoke.

          1. re: Shattered

            No, it's at least 15 minutes even if you walk at a decent pace - I've done it many times... also keep in mind that unless you're walking around at 2 am when there's not a lot of traffic and you can cross the streets at will, there are a lot of traffic lights to contend with, which makes the walk a bit slower.

          2. re: anachemia

            I'm also assuming the OP's visit is probably over, but for future tourists consulting this thread - CHECK A MAP.

            Specifically for anachemia, why do you assume University? Yeah, yeah the approx so and so, but foodaholic specifically says 475 President Kennedy Ave then gives a handy google map reference. Using the OPs own map reference, I follow 1 block east to Bleury, another block east to Jeanne Mance, and another to St. Urbain (lets see 1+1+1=3).
            Now we're apparently at St. Urbain and President Kennedy. OK, now south 1 block to St. Catherine, another block south to Dorchester (I mean Rene Levesque), and another to de la Gauchetiere (lets see 1+1+1=3).
            I will definitely grant that we are not yet in chinatown - you gotta hoof it another block east on de la gauchetiere, but in my defence, I said "about" and was 1 block off.

            To allay the OP's fears about a walk across the city I used the handy google map's scale at (approx) 1"=200m. Marking a small sheet at the 200m mark and charting out the distance, I find my final destination (3blocks east and 3 blocks south) to be about 6 lenghts...ummm lemmee see 6*200 = 1200 meters. About a klick.
            Sure they are still about a block away, but the walk is so enjoyable, I didn't want to perhaps scare the OP and specify 1.2km + 1 block....

            But, gentle future tourists, if this is too much of a hike, walk west 3.5 blocks and one block south. You should find a metro entrance here. Go underground and walk about another block to get on the subway. Head towards Honore Beaugrand 3 stops, getting off at Berri-UQUAM. Find the ORANGE line heading to Cote-vertu (don't go towards Montmorency, and avoid the yellow line to Longueil). Once on the ORANGE line, go two stops to Place d'Armes as anachemia mentions. Once there head to the Viger/St. Urbain exit (don't get turned around in the Palais de Congres) and head up St. Urbain one block until you see Chinatown. Voila!

            1. re: porker

              We walked quite a bit. Being from NYC, that says a lot I think. I should've been more clear in noting that I was walking with 16 people at the time and we were trying to keep things minimal and convenient.

              I did check a map (Google Local) and even Yelped my way around ( In fact, GoogleMaps was actively tracking our distance throughout the entire trip (thank you PDA phones!) However, I did want to get a native's / local's take on what made for good late night food in the area.

          3. re: porker

            i personally like Amigo better for late night. I went there at 3h30am once and we still got food

          4. Cafe Ferreira on Peel ( a nice stroll from your hotel) also has a late night deal, and really good food. Portuguese, specializing in fish.

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            1. re: souschef

              Thanks for the replies everyone.

              Porker: damn good call on the Montreal Chinatown. I can't believe it's that close to our hotel. Impressive.

              Carswell: I've been to L'Express and enjoyed it immensely. I wonder if my guests and I will be willing to head that far.

              Souschef: That sounds nice too. I am certain the consensus of the group is something that's unique to Montreal, but I suppose after midnight beggers can't be choosers.

            2. If you feel like Lebanese, I would take a walk to Boustan (2020 Rue Crescent). It's open till 4 I think. Mmmmmm, Boustan.

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              1. re: The Chemist

                I would suggest Lemeac, or Ferreira.
                Boustan is more of a fast food type esablishment, with cardboard like pita bread and the lamb and chicken is never cooked fresh late at night, just warmed up left over

              2. Beaver Hall
                Brasserie Brunoise