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May 7, 2009 05:36 PM

Toronto Hound seeks rec near Crowne Plaza (Omaha)

Hey folks,

I'll be in Omaha late Tuesday night with six other guys on a post-graduation road trip from Toronto to Las Vegas. We'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza Omaha. We're looking for recommendation for both a late dinner and breakfast. The two things we're looking for (especially at dinner) are (1) something that is distinctive to the area and (2) pretty cheap (would like to be able to eat for $10--we haven't started working yet, after all). Walking distance is ideal but we are willing to drive if you think it's worth it.

I've poked around a bit and found lots of info on Mexican places. Is that what you suggest we do?

Thanks guys--I will definitely report back when we get back.


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  1. you're on the wrong side of town for a wide selection of Mexican food, that's all in the southeast.
    also, that hotel is right next to the Interstate, an Expressway, the busiest street in town, and a walking options are rather limited.

    there is one place that is about 7 blocks away on foot that has really good fried chicken and homestyle cooking:
    Jack & Mary's Restaurant
    655 N 114th St
    (402) 496-2090
    nothing really fancy or super exciting.
    besides fried chicken i'd also recommend 'chicken-fried' anything, chicken and noodles, hot beef or turkey sammich.
    the burgers and tenderloins are kinda nice, too.
    any of the homemade desserts are generally quite good.
    the clientele tends to be heavy on senior citizens, so it usually doesn't feel like a real jumpin' joint.
    fyi, salad bar counts as a side.

    next door and across the street from this place you have a few other choices if you wanna google 'em.
    all are good:
    Stokes Grill and Bar, Taj Kabob and Curry, Feta's Gyro's

    you do happen to be not far from the only moderately authentic Mexican place in about a 12 mile radius:
    Rivera's Mexican Food
    12047 Blondo St
    (402) 932-1381
    website with menu:
    i like the chilaquiles, chicken pibil, enchiladas ranchera, and mole dishes.
    this place is quite good, and the staff has been welcoming, helpful and appreciative every time i've been there.
    ask for the hot salsa.

    for breakfast you probably should solely consider:
    1224 S 103rd Street
    (402) 955-1485
    website seems to be down
    here's a cache of breakfast/lunch menu:
    go hungry. real hungry.
    the size of their menu and portions are ridiculous, but just about everything is good.

    1. Yup, you're kinda in the wrong part of town for being within walking distance of anything. I live close to there, so I'm pretty familiar with the neighborhood.

      For a late dinner, I definately recommend M's Pub in the Old Market. Great food, great atmosphere, and the prices are very reasonable.

      Another favorite is a bit (but not much) closer- the Dundee Dell. Very good bar food and they say they have the largest selection of single malt scotch in the US.

      If you're considering Mexican, I'd recommend Guaca Maya. It is the best and closest to authentic Mexican food you can find in Omaha. Their cornish and their sarandeado snapper are awesome. If you're looking for a lot of food for cheap, try their bean burrito- $3.49 for a HUGE burrito.

      Unlike the previous poster, I wouldn't recommend Jack and Mary's. I found the chicken portions to be small and extremely dry. I must have gotten a bad batch.

      If you're looking for a bit of night life, the area around 114th and Dodge has some pretty good bars. Check out the Green Onion for some of the strongest mixed drinks you'll ever have in a dive-y atmosphere. Barfly is also one of my favorites.

      For breakfast, I agree that Wheatfields is the place to go. Everything is great (except for the crepes) and the portions are huge. I especially love the Kielbasa breakfast and the Creme Brule Potatoes.

      Anyways, welcome to West Omaha- where distances are measured not by your feet, but by your odometer. Hope you enjoy your visit!

      Guaca Maya
      5002 S 33rd St, Omaha, NE 68107

      M's Pub
      422 S 11th St, Omaha, NE 68102

      Dundee Dell
      5007 Underwood Ave, Omaha, NE 68132

      1. Hi everyone,

        Don't ask how but I realized the other day that three and a half years later I had not replied to this. Thanks for suggesting Wheatfields - we had a very enjoyable brunch and they even gave us a few slices of cake to take in the car - great folks!

        I think we ended up getting dinner on the road on the way into town.

        Thanks again for your help.

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          When we were there a few years ago, I don't think I have seen a bigger menu or more menus anywhere .