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May 7, 2009 05:11 PM

Downtown Atlanta - dinner rec?

I've searched the board and looked at a few of the on-line menus, but need a bit more information. We love all kinds of food and are into wine, but we'll be in town on business and don't have expense accounts. Bacchanalia seems a bit pricey. Rathbun's food sounds good, but I wasn't blown away by the wine list. For three women who are into food and wine, but don't have an unlimited budget, where would you recommend downtown for our only dinner? Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you want to stay downtown, check out Social - Not cheap necessarily, but much less than Bacchanalia (which is on a different level altogether). Short but interesting wine list. Great French/Med vibe to this place.

    1. Check out Woodfire Grill, not exactly downtown but has a very good wine list and the food is great.
      Have fun!

      1. Downtown is rather limited on dining options, especially if you don't have a car. Dailey's is always a good choice - they will not give you anything novel, but what you will get is solid, good food. Their specialty is a mustard and pepper crusted swordfish, but they also do good steaks and specials. I've been to many business dinners there and never been disappointed, so if you've only got one night, this would be a safe bet. It's also not Bacchanalia pricey, so you can do it on your personal budget. And there's a jazz bar downstairs if you want to hang out and unwind before or after.

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          Thanks, folks, appreciate all the recommendations. We will have a car, and can travel a bit, but my experience with Atlanta traffic has made me a bit leary. I've spent way longer than I'd prefer in Atlanta but only seeing the other cars on I-75; I suppose if one stays off the interstates, it may not be as bad ;-)

          1. re: Niki in Dayton

            BLT Steak
            Room at Twelve
            Dogwood (more like midtown but short ride)

            Repast.....this is such a great place and very close to downtown...traffic won't be an issue.

            1. re: rcburli

              Yeah, actually Repast would be my choice and you can get there locally (no need to get on 75). Dogwood is good, Repast is even better. Very eclectic and interesting (though short) wine list. You'll be in good hands.

              Not good experience at Room @ Twelve, and haven't been to BLT Steak but have heard it is quite pricey.

              1. re: biskuit

                I think we have a winner, Repast! I looked at their on-line menu and both the food and wine look good. I'll report back. Thanks!

                1. re: Niki in Dayton

                  Avoid the tuna/quinoa/rice dish. It is so incredibly bland.

                  1. re: Reignking

                    We had a really good meal at Repast, and one of our party did order the tuna and she loved it, but I didn't taste it. Another lady got the filet mignon and loved it, again, I didn't taste. One lady and I both got the butter poached halibut which was very good. We had a nice Tavel Rose for $30, and the four of us shared a taste of 4 desserts; the olive oil cake was OK, chocolate mousse cake was good, the banana bread pudding was really good, and the frozen lemon chiffon thing was ohmygod good. I appreciate the recommendation; the other ladies were very happy with the whole experience, ambience, food, and wine.