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May 7, 2009 05:10 PM

Romantic restaurants in St. Louis

Hello Chowhounds,

What are the most romantic restaurants in St. Louis? In particular, what are some restaurants that have "cozy" or "intimate" private seating for two? The now-closed Cafe de Paris on S. Grand used to have a cute little curtained booth--that sort of thing.


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  1. Franco. We had one of our best meals in St. Louis here. Go after sunset; their window ledges can seat two. You will feel like you are on top of the world.

    1. For what it's worth, here is what the RFT poll just said-


      Romant ic

      SIDNEY STREET CAFÉ Romance is found far more of ten in subtlety than in gregariousness, in simple gestures than in grand ones, and no restaurant personifies these lit tle truths bet ter than Sidney Street Café. Under the sof t glow of candles and streetlamps, diners contemplate an exquisite menu (it Changes frequently, but think blue-cheese tarts and filet béarnaise) in an atmosphere that’s at once comfortable and captivating. Add to that wine selections that near triple-digits in number, and all of the pieces interlock into an evening that ’s nothing short of remarkable.




      4. TONY’S

      5. VIN DE SET


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        I agree with that list all those places are great.

      2. Aya Sofia, definitely. Draped booths, included. Lovely space, warm people, great food.

        Aya Sofia Restaurant
        6671 Chippewa Street, St. Louis, MO 63109

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          Aya Sofia is a solid suggestion, as is Sidney Street. Someone off list also mentioned Mihalis--they do have nice closed booths, and it's a cool contemporary atmosphere, but I'm not sure if it's "romantic".

          thanks to all!

        2. It's stated above, but really if you're looking to either score romance points with the SO, or just ensure that you're going to break off a little sum'n sum'n back at the hotel, Bailey's Chocolate Bar's where you need to end this date. While personally, I've lost a lot of respect for David Bailey after eating at Rooster, Bailey's Chocolate Bar is still "The Place" to end a date in St. Louis.

          1. I am told that SOL on Lindell has curtained booths