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May 7, 2009 04:36 PM

Reasonable restaurant in C NJ

I am tired of eating the same old same old. I am looking for a few new places to eat that are reasonable in the woodbridge area of NJ. Can anyone give suggestions on restaurants that wont break the bank and are not too small?

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  1. See this is your first post.
    Can you provide more information about what your dining nirvana in C NJ would be.

    1. What are the same old restaurants that you go to?
    2. What do you consider reasonable to pay per person for a meal?
    3. How far will you travel from Woodbridge? Is Edison ok?
    4. What type of cuisine? Do you like Ethnic food?
    5. When you say too small...

    If you are not able to provide these details in the form of a reply, you can try using search feature within chow.
    For example type in Edison Indian or Woodbridge Restaurants, you might just find what you are looking for.

    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: shabbystorm

      Thanks for the info shabbystorm.
      There are three of us in our family. My son has autism so we can not really eat in places were the people are really crammed in
      The same old restaurants that we go to are the chain restaurants, and we are sick of them and ready to try new things.
      To us a reasonable meal would be $20.00 a person or so.
      Edison is OK. We also go to New Brunswick.
      Ethnic food is OK. My son loves to try new stuff.
      My wife is semi-vegitarian so fish items is good to.

      We have a couple of good Indian places we go to so we are good there.
      We don't really like Italian too much either.

      Thank you very much!

    2. Additional info definitely helps..

      Going to state the obvious, restaurants are always more crowded on the weekends, and would recommend that you call ahead and talk to the host, maybe ask for a table that has a little more room for him.
      Some of these restaurants are smaller size, but again, non peak hours are key.

      Some Suggestions:
      Greek - Highland Park NJ

      Turkish - Highland Park NJ

      Chinese - Hong Fu
      239 Raritan Ave
      Highland Park NJ

      Harold's Deli - Edison

      Harvest Moon - New Brunswick - Surprisingly good food, not just beer

      Fun thing your son might enjoy if he likes to try new things is Bubble Tea.
      It is a sweet shake, that comes in all different flavors with Tapioca Pearls on the bottom with this big happy straw. In any case, it is not a meal, just like going for ice cream...
      Picture attached

      Igloo Bubble Tea House
      1784 Rt 27
      Edison NJ

      Hope this helps.

      1. I'd have to add Mie Thai in Woodbridge for Thai...

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        1. re: equal_Mark

          How is Mie Thai? I've heard of it before but wasn't sure if it had a good rep or not...