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May 7, 2009 04:17 PM

Where to eat on Sunday night?

My husband and I will be traveling to SF from LA in a few weeks. We will be able to have 3 dinners while there.

Friday night's dinner will be at Tadich's. When I was a little girl we lived near the city and made regular trips to Scoma's. At the time I was a picky eater and would order the fried chicken. My palate has most definitely changed over the years and now I am craving that kind of seafood meal with plenty of sourdough bread. Tadich's sounds perfect and I am dying to have their ciopino.

Saturday night we will be eating at the Slanted Door with friends.

Still stuck on coming up with something for Sunday night. Most of the restaurants in the area where we are staying (Hotel Vitale in the Ferry District) seem to be closed Sunday nights. (Piperade appealed to me but will be closed.) We are looking for something that is causual, relaxing and that has tasty food--not a world class food experience. Here's what I've come up with.

Incanto (this menu probably sounds the best to me)
1550 Hyde
La Mar Cebicheria

We would prefer something walking distance but I think that La Mar is the only one that close.

I'd appreciate it if you would share your thoughts on these restaruants or make additional suggestions. We are looking for something with entrees in the $20s. (We are having a birthday bash the following week at Providence the following week, so the bank will be broken.)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I love Delfina and Nopa. Town Hall would be an easy walk.

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    1. re: DailyDessert

      I agree with Town Hall. One Market, just across the street, is another possibility. Boulevard, also across the street, is great but sounds like it might be out of your price range. Delfina and Nopa will require a taxi or muni (with at least one transfer, I believe) but they are excellent choices. You could take BART or a muni up market to Chez Papa Resto in Mint Plaza.

      1. re: bobpantzer

        In my earlier post, I forgot about Perbacco. I'd go there. It's right next door to Tadich so you can check it out on Friday night. You're likely to need reservations at most of these places--even on a Sunday night.

        1. re: bobpantzer

          Sorry, should have checked first, Perbacco is not open on Sunday's. Bummer!

          1. re: bobpantzer

            My first suggestion was going to be Perbacco as well. I've always had a great time there....but saw that they were closed. Next visit!

        2. re: bobpantzer

          Delfina is an easy BART ride to 16th street, and then a 10-minute 1/2 mile walk. Nopa truly is impossible to get to from your hotel, and there are better choices closer. 1550 Hyde would be fun, because you can ride the Cable Car to get there. Incanto is also easy to get to, via the J-Church Muni line (about 25 minutes).

          1. re: Paul H

            It's a bit dramatic to say Nopa is truly impossible to get to. So many buses run that direction and a taxi is about $14. And, by going to Nopa, you get into a real neighborhood instead of the souless area near Vitale.

            1. re: Paul H

              Not that I'd recommend it over other places mentioned, but Nopa's a straight shot on Muni--catch the 21 Hayes a block from the Vitale, get off at Divisadero, and it's right across the street.

        3. Had dinner on a Sunday in Feb at Incanto -excellent. Not your typical Italian place, no red sauce to be seen.

          How about Zuni Cafe? Take the Market streetcar, it's easy to get to from Ferry District. Their Roasted Chicken Salad is wonderful.

          Restaurant LuLu on Folsom is also excellent place.

          Tadich is a must do, sand dabs are done perfectly there, along with cioppino.


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          1. re: DebitNM

            Tadich is great but it's closed on Sundays.

          2. With the exception of La Mar, none of those is close, but I;m guessing from reports on this board that it is out of your price range. I haven't exactly read raves about it either.

            I like 1550 Hyde quite a bit. You could grab the cable car near your hotel and one transfer will take you right in front of 1550 Hyde.

            Does next few weeks mean early June? If that is the case, there is Dine About Town, a restaurant promotion where certain restaurants offer 3 courses for $34.95.

            Since you mention you are not looking for a not a world class food experience, that opens up a few other places near you., Sens and The Waterfront.

            Frankly I haven't been to Sens since they let the pastry chef go which was the reason for that restaurant to exist. The Waterfront doesn't get high marks on the board. It is more of a place where you go for business dinners. HOWEVER, they changed the chef this year and are supposedly trying for more. Haven't tried it yet. There is a great waterview.

            Then in Hotel Griffon, a few steps from your hotel, is Perry's that has Sunight night lobster madness– Live 1 1/4 lb. Maine Lobster with corn on the cob & boiled potatoes $22.95

            1. Honestly, with your list of possibles, I'm not sure if you could go wrong, except for maybe La Mar, but I haven't been, reports have been mixed and I think it's a little outside your price range. But Incanto, Nopa and Delfina are all casual, relaxing, and with great food, and are good San Francisco experiences. I would pick any of those places above Town Hall, which isn't bad, it's just that those places are better.

              1. Nopa is wonderful and casual but also young, and loud and slightly 'scene-y' so it might not be relaxing to you.

                Incanto has lots of offal (that is what they are known for) and is far from where you are staying, but quite good.

                Delfina is fantastic.

                1550 Hyde gets thumbs up from my friends, but I cannot comment.

                La Mar I've never been to.


                Somone said the chef just changed at Fringale, but I have always LOVED it there and it would fit your price point and also is not a particularly far walk. Somone said the chef just changed at Fringale, but I have always LOVED it there and it would fit your price point and also is not a particularly far walk.

                Scala's Bistro in the Sir Francis Drake is walkabe from your hotel and always a relaxing experience, I find.

                I haven't been to Town Hall in years. But I had good experiences there a few years ago. And it is a short walk from your hotel.

                I would agree with the Perbacco reccomendation but for the fact they are closed on Sundays.

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                1. re: whiner

                  Having lived in SOMA for over a decade, just a note that the walk to Fringale is not a particularily attractive one and on a Sunday when the streets in this area are pretty much empty, it would be a good idea to take a short cab ride back.

                  That being said, Fringale was once owned by Gerald Hirigoy who currently owns Piperade. Though not the same, the influence is still there. Never been there on a Sunday. During the week it gets crowded, but, as mentioned, SOMA is quiet on Sunday, so it might be less crowded on that day

                  1. re: rworange

                    Fringale's current chef has been there only since maybe February.

                    Last time I ate at there I didn't detect any Basque touches like I did when Hirigoyen was the chef-owner. It was very good but pretty straight-up French.

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      Sweet gem lettuce, shaved Petit Basque with herb & boquerones vinaigrette 9.
                      Spicy Monterey calamari “à la plancha” with jalapenos & chorizo 12.
                      Sautéed prawns in Pastis with sun dried tomatoes 13.
                      Plateau de fromages served with quince paste 13.
                      Seafood basquaise in a spicy roasted red pepper & tomato sauce 22.
                      Poached black cod served with piperade, artichoke, olive & pepper d’espelette 23.
                      Basque tuna burger on caramelized onions & pommes frites
                      Mme. Angèle’s Gateau Basque

                      1. re: rworange

                        That online menu hasn't been updated since May 2006 and it might have been old then.

                      2. re: Robert Lauriston

                        I had an extrodinary meal there in January so it was probably right before the change. The menu then was pretty much straight-up French also.