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May 7, 2009 04:06 PM

Food/Burgundy wine pairing on steak tartare night

Tomorrow is steak tartare night at YH's place, and we will be drinking a couple different and yet-to-be-determined Burgundy reds.

Other than steak tartare, bread and dessert, I haven't given much thought into what else we'll be eating; I need some menu assistance! What are some typical and/or delightful wine pairings?

The only real caveats:
1) No main courses please; the steak tartare will be the featured player
2) No "cheese board"--not that it doesn't sound tasty--but I already thought of that

Can I be helped?

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  1. Anything mushroom--stuffed, sauteed, grilled on toast points.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      that's what I was thinking too! I was also mulling over bacon-y ideas and things involving heavily caramelized vegetables.

    2. I hope you know about the egg yoke, etc . that you put (mix) with the steak tartare. This happens to be one of my favorite dishes.