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May 7, 2009 04:01 PM

Child friendly restaurant near Lincold Center?

I've been reading all the suggestions for restaurants near lincoln center, but I'm worried they might not be child friendly. We have 2 small children we are taking to see Cinderella balet at Avery Fisher Hall. We would like to have lunch before the 1:00pm show.

Any suggestions for lunch? Type of food is not a problem. We love it all.

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  1. Shun Lee cafe may work if they are open early enough

    Otherwise places between 66th and 72nd street are good bets, the UWS is family friendly.

    See about brunch at Compass, the room is huge so they can keep you away from other diners.

    1. PJ Clark's for great burgers, etc. is right across the street from The State Theater.
      Perfect for the family.

      1. You might also consider Landmarc in the Time Warner Center. Have a wonderful time!

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          I second Landmarc. You wouldn't catch me dead in Rosa Mexicano or Shun Lee, though if you like painfully dumbed down Mexican and Chinese, go for it. The others I don't know but I think it's weird that most suggestions for kids are somewhat ghettoizing, like "so they can keep you away from other diners". Sheesh.

        2. Rosa Mexicano is another good option.

          there's also Josephina, or Vince & Eddie's.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not offended by being away from other diners. My kids are usually well behaved, but they have their off days and I'd rather they not bother other people. I will check out all the suggestions.