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May 7, 2009 03:42 PM

PDX- Sake One Tasting - Where else to go in area?

Will be visiting Sake One soon for a tasting and tour and looking for suggestions on other wineries in the area worth a visit. Also, would love to know any recommendations for lunch in the area.

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  1. Other wineries I'd recommend: Beran, Patton Valley, David Hill, Willakenzie. Beran is by appt only and well worth it!

    1. Here's a reinforcement of Leonardo's rec of Willakenzie.

      How deep a pocket do you have for lunch?

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      1. re: Politeness

        McMinville is a bit out of the way as we will be coming from Portland. It's about 40 mintues from Sake One, which is in Forest Grove.

      2. Also Elk Cove.

        The best restaurants in wine country are not open for lunch.
        Consider Horse Radish in Carlton.

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        1. re: Leonardo

          I checked out the website for the Horse Radish. Looks really cute and would be great for lunch, but it is a bit out of the way. I need to check on the location of the wineries you suggested, but I was hoping to do a closer to home wine tour and lunch- keep it all around Forest Grove, where Sake One is located.

        2. Beran is in Hillsborough. Patton Valley and Elk Cove are both in Gaston, David Hill in Forest Grove, and Willakenzie is in Yamhill.

          Horse Radish in Carlton would make sense
          If we to hit Willakenzie

          Any other suggestions for lunch that are closer to Hillsborough, Forest Grove or Gaston?

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          1. re: alexa52

            Not really. The best wine country dining is in Yamhill county (Dundee Carlton McMinnville), not Washington county.
            The only place in Forest Grove that comes to mind would be the Grand Lodge.
            In downtown Hillsboro (that's the spelling) is a wonderful Japanese place called Syun Izakaya.

            Have fun. Please report back!

            1. re: Leonardo

              Thanks Leonard.
              I always do hillsboro the east coast way. Thanks for the reminder. Yikes!

          2. The original comment has been removed