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May 7, 2009 01:56 PM

Raleigh - Durham -Traveling with my pup - food recommendations (for me, not the dog)?

Hey all -

Two weeks until our drive down to NC to check out the Raleigh Durham area. We are bringing our dog Samantha, but still want great places to eat. Any recommendations on places that have outdoor seating that allow well behaved dogs (really, she is..), or any great take out joints we would enjoy. My husband is a former southerner & is trying to convince me to come on down.... I write a food news column as a freelancer, so being impressed with the food would really help his case. ;-)

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Guglhupf has a great outdoor patio area that's popular for dogs and people alike.

    I think the same might go for Foster's Market next door (but don't quote me on that):

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      The Durham store definitely has outdoor seating - Foster's Market.

    2. I *believe* I've seen dogs on the patio at Vin Rouge (Durham) but you might want to call and make sure.

      1. Be sure to check out La Farm Bakery in Cary. They have great takeaway foods (sandwiches, etc.) in addition to their baked goods, and everything they make is great. They have limited outdoor seating, but it's dog-friendly. In the same shopping center there is also a Brugger's Bagels that has more outdoor seating, and there are generally always folks with dogs there.

        1. Locopops sells great paletas (tasty popsicles) and sells dog versions as well. Nice for everyone if it is hot like it was today.

          Also, Sandwhich in Chapel Hill has nice outdoor seating that is dog friendly.

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            If you're any kind of a foodie, one of the Locopops stores is a definate must stop, even if you don't like popsicles. Locopops is the best example of the level of "foody-ness" in the Triangle.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far...I will agree Bruggers is good, but since I can get that here we'll probably pass on that one while we are down there.

            We are also cool with heading over to the nearest park & eating so let me know if there are any places you recommend that may not have seating but is a short drive to a place to eat the take out. Thanks all!!

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              Take the pup to Duke Gardens.


              Dogs are allowed in most of the garden, the one exception being the native plant area which is easy to just skip past. You can have a picnic there if you like - there is a small cafe on the grounds that sells sandwiches and salads (though I can't speak for the food there, never tried it), or you could give the Nasher Art Museum Cafe ( a call and see if they can do a takeout lunch for you - they are right by the gardens, and you do not have to pay admission to the art museum to eat there. They also have a patio, though I've never seen any dogs out there, so it would be a good idea to ask in advance if it's OK to have your dog sit with you. The Nasher's food is very good, but light - if you are big eaters you'll want to order an additional side or something.

              1. re: romansperson

                The Federal in Durham has outdoor seating and very good food for a bar,

                1. re: chazzer

                  Parker & Otis has a great porch that allows dogs and usually has a water dish available for your pooch. They also have very yummy food, too.