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Zen - Alameda, great lunch

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Had lunch here today for the first time. Unfortunately, our server told us that tomorrow would be their last day serving lunch but fortunately, everything we had is on the posted dinner menu and at the same prices. I chose the lunch special ($10) consisting of a green salad, Mantaiko spaghetti and Ying Yang wings. The green salad was small with fresh crisp mixed greens, thin slices of cucumber, a small amount of red onion, chopped tomato and a little squiggle of creamy dressing. The spaghetti had enoki mushrooms, shaved dried fish roe (fish type not specified) and a little green onion. It was rich, creamy and just a little spicy very good but hard for me to describe. Be sure to mix it up to mix roe through the pasta. Wings were well seasoned, slightly spicy. Deep fried but not greasy, crisp skin. Served with a little sweet chile sauce on the side. DC had fish and chips with Asian fries ($9). Thin filets of sole deep fried, again crisp and not greasy, with sticks of tempura battered fried sweet potato and taro. Served with creamy tartar sauce and slightly spicy aioli. Atmoshere was cool & dim on a bright warm day, electronic music was pleasant, nice china, dark wood walls with dark red paint from shoulder high to ceiling. All in all a very pleasant surprise! Edit: I don't know why the place link says remove, it is open and I did not see a duplicate. hmmmm.

Zen Asian Fusion Tapas + Lounge
2315 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

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  1. Nice report.

    The two hour edit window allows you to remove a link that might be in error. It is best to put as little as possible when searching for a link. Zen and alameda would have been the best bet.

    Zen Asian Fusion Tapas + Lounge
    2315 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

    1. I had lunch there when they first opened, and then they started serving lunch again, and now it appears they're stopping again!

      Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal -- I've been meaning to get back, but they don't seem to have the kabocha squash soup I loved.

      1. I had a very pleasant dinner here not long ago. The pork belly dish was great, as were the Asian fries (although my almost two year old ended up with most of those). We had a couple other dishes that were fine, but forgettable. I've been meaning to get over there for lunch; I guess I missed my chance.