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May 7, 2009 01:47 PM

Help! Need a great Thai restaurant in Queens for a large party on a Saturday night

I'm looking for a great Thai meal in Queens for a party off 8 (including a couple of kids) tomorrow night (Saturday) around 7:30. I've read all the reports about the Sriphiphai experience sometimes being sub-par during the busy hours, so I wasn't even going to attempt it.
Any part of Queens is fine. All suggestions very welcome. Thanks!

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  1. honestly, the only sub par part of srip during busy hours is that the wait for a table can be a few min's. the food when its busy always seems to be just as good or better than slow times. they are kid friendly, with thier own cool kids plates and cups with straws placed on table without asking..a lot of menu items can be made kid sized for cheap (er)

    i love going there and it is my 4 year old's favorite place to eat.......

    good luck

    1. I find it could be subpar during busy hours, but subpar for them is still better then most any other thai restaurant, and all the other great thai restaurants out in queens are relatively tiny. Zabb doesn't get too busy and can probably do a party that big, but if they have more then 2 tables filled you'll be out of luck.

        1. Sripraphai takes reservations for groups that large, too. The food will be great, you shouldn't worry about that.