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May 7, 2009 01:32 PM

Are good strawberries to be had yet?

I need them for a strawberry shortcake. Anyone had some good ones from WF, BF, Gelson's or, better yet, Farmer's Markets?

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  1. They're everywhere! Harry's Barry's generally has the sweetest, I think, but I just bought a flat from another vendor at the Samo Farmer's market yesterday for $11 (Harry's sells a three-pack for $15) and they're still pretty wonderful. Still, if I was making a special dessert instead of just chopping them up for my oatmeal, I'd splurge on Harry's.

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      Harry's Berries are the best but the most expensive, because they grow varieties that require more careful handling. They really are worth it though (and my cousin works at Per Se in NYC and says they get all of their strawberries from Harry's, so clearly Thomas Keller agrees with me).

      Savour Fare, a recipe blog

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        How on earth do they get them to NYC? The gaviotas barely make it home from the farmers market before they collapse into clots of red goo.

        1. re: condiment

          Last week, they told me that Martha Stewart had recently paid them a ton of money to hand-select a flat of Gaviotas and FedEx [or whatever] them to Chicago.

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          Bought some Seascapes from Harry Berries at the Torrance FM last saturday. I think they were pretty good, a step above the ones I got the week before. They kind of reminded me of the strawberries from Chino Farms in Rancho Sante Fe (SD County). However, they are indeed very expensive and I'm not sure the higher level of taste justifies paying 2x-3x more. I'd get a basket to try them but stick to my prior source for the majority of my strawberries.

      2. I have been buying excellent strawberries from one of the vendors at the Calabasas farmers market (Sat. AM) for several weeks -- Albion variety, grown in Oxnard. Sweet, firm, great color, minimal open space in the middle, large, and quite long-lasting. I have been paying $6 for a 3-pack; I forget what they are charging for a flat, because I don't buy that many at a time.

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          I had some great small Camarosas from original Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax last week. $7 for a 3pack.

        2. i've gotten good ones at both studio city and hollywood Sunday Farmer's Markets. Anyone know their exact season, and peak?

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            I thought they peaked in June. Anyway, Ralph's had Driscoll's on sale last week 2 # for 1 and have to say they were only so-so. Better off at the F-Ms.

          2. They've been great for about a month now.....picked some terrific big deep-red pick-ur-own at Cal Poly Pomona campus Farmstore a couple of weeks ago.

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            1. re: jillso

              LOVE the Cal Poly Pomona ones... so well priced too! :DD


            2. Since strawberries are on the "must have organic" list (for us, anyways; it's on many of the lists of high pesticide fruits), I only buy mine from the Givens Organic stand at the Encino Farmers Market on Sunday mornings.

              The berries now are so big, sweet and juicy. Go see Hank who tends the stand, you won't be sorry! He's generous w/samples, too. A little pricey at $10 for a three pack, but well worth it to me.

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              1. re: GK in SO

                I agree you should try to go organic with Strawberries. They can't even sell U.S. strawberries in Canada because they don't meet canadian standards for pesticides.
                Unfortunately , a lot of what is sold here in the U.S. as organic is not organic at all. I know an organic farmer who's farm gets inspected once every 3 years, and they tell him a month ahead of time that they're coming :(