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May 7, 2009 01:31 PM

The Hunt: Fish n' Chips

I started to post reviews in a old and long thread
but often find my post can be lost, I don't know if the admins prefer me to cont posting in that thread, or just start my own?

I have compiled all my reviews/Pics here... Any suggestions on locations for me to try would helpful.

for larger images click on the 'all sizes' button, I have tried to order halibut if available (always is in toronto)

Harbord Fish and Chips
Crispy flaky batter, sweet fish, amazing fries, large portion

Chippy's (Bloor Location
Pale batter, not crispy, bad fries, dry fish, large portion size

Buster’s Sea Cove (SLM
Really crispy batter (separates from the fish easily), unique fries.

Penrose Fish & Chips
Fluffy batter, chunky fries, my reg stop, smaller fish portion

Olde Yorke
lighter batter, sticks to fish (good), avg fries, good fish quality
3.5/5 (4/5 just on the fish, fries aren't very good IMO


New 'Old Galley'
Penrose style fries (not close to as good), really crispy batter, does not stick to fish, dry tasting fish.

Places I have my eyes on for fish n chips,

Reliable Fish & Chips
British Style Fish & Chips
Deep Blue Fish & Chips
Bob's Fish & Chips

New Galley
10737 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C, CA

600 Mt Pleasant, Toronto, ON M4S2M8, CA

147 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H1, CA

490 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1X8, CA

Olde Yorke - duplicate
96 Laird Dr, St Catharines, ON L2P, CA

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  1. I recently had a "taste off" at my cousin's house, since her husband prefers British style and I love Deep Blue. Neither mind was changed-- you get a big piece of fish at British style, and I did prefer their chips, but I like the very crisp light batter at deep blue--as well as the different flavours of batters and their apple-root veg slaw!

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    1. re: woodsey

      Very comprehensive list! It's making me hungry!

      1. re: deabot

        I tried Deep Blue today; not bad but not great. The batter was crisp but too greasy. Fries were decent. Olde York remains my favourite.

    2. I agree on Chippy's and Harbord. I want to like Chippy's since they promote sustainable fishing, but their fish and chips are just not that good - both are greasy, soggy, and heavy. I love Harbord Fish and Chips - I've seen blocks of lard on the counter, so that probably explains how their food gets so crispy. Penrose sounds delicious - can't wait to try it!

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      1. re: fitzlicious

        You can promote sustainable fisheries yourself just by ordering haddock or Pacific halibut, or lakefish when available. Cod and Atlantic halibut are out, and the F&S shops need to be reminded of this.

        1. re: jayt90

          Harbord buys pacific halibut, I had a lengthy talk with the owner, he buys the hole fish, and fillets it himself every. Well not the whole fish but like a 80lb side i am guessing.

          I have not talked to penrose about about where they source their fish from (tho I am somewhat friendly and on a familiar basis with them, i will ask next time I go in to pick up some fish.

      2. I finally got around to trying Penrose today-my gut will definitely pay for this at the gym tomorrow and I gotta say I liked it! Fish portions were a tad small but the batter is crunchy and golden (though I prefer Olde Yorke it is lighter and thinner), fish fresh and moist and the fries are better than Olde Yorke. Some people are bothered by the beef drippings they use but I think it gives the fish and chips a nice greasy flavour, the chips kinda reminded me of how Mcdonalds fries used to taste!

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        1. re: deabot

          McDonald's used to fry using beef tallow. Hence why the 'flavour' of the penrose fries would remind you of fries of years past @ the golden arches.

          Glad you enjoyed it.

        2. I don't go downtown to toronto all that often but if you feel like trying something in Brampton you might try Heritage fish and chips. i guess that it's british style (haven't asked them) only because of the decor inside.

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          1. re: dafydd

            i agree.. i like the fish and chips of heritage fish.. good size portion halibut and deep fried to perfection.. my biggest thumbs down is their location in queen st and airport road doesnt have their home made tartar sauce..

            my go-to place in mississauga is family's fish and chips at lakeshore and shaw.. quaint little hole in the wall plus they huge portions, perfectly cooked chips and the sauce to die for..

          2. I went to Highland Fish and Chips in east Scarborough today, and confirmed my last visit there. The fish was done just right, moist, hot, and in a crispy, bubbly batter.
            And once again the fries were tasty but soggy. They were yellow-fleshed, and had no exterior crispiness. Russets would be better, or a thin-skinned Kennebec.

            Highland Fish & Chips
            3357 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1C1H1, CA