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May 7, 2009 01:19 PM

Looking for Turkish food/grocer

Looking for Turkish grocer/cater/food (prepared)

Gözleme (Gozleme) - Turkish Crepe or Pancake
Dolma & Sarma - Stuffed Vegetables and Vine Leaf Rolls
Çay (Chai) - Turkish Tea
Ayran (yogurt drink)
Türk Kahvesi (Kahva) coffee
Baklava – desert

Anyone know of one in Toronto?


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  1. Check out Babos Donerpoint at Eglinton and Caledonia. The y definately have , Turkish Tea, Ayran, Baklava as well as Tukish Pizza and outstanding chicken and beef Donair (Doner). Turkish style Schwarma in a homemade wrap that blows away any other schwarma or gyros in the city.

    1. For Turkish groceries, including canned and jarred goods, nuts and grains, breads, cheeses, yufka, etc., there's Marche Istanbul on Dufferin at Orfus, in the plaza across the street from Grande Cheese.

      1. Pizza Pide at the corner of Gerrard and Pape . Absolutely delicious!!